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How To Automatically Send Student Reports to University Staff

University Reporting

University staff, both on the admin side and faculty members, need to keep up to date with information about their students. Typical universities have student bodies running into the tens of thousands of students, spread out over multiple faculties and geographic locations. New students enter the fray every year as others graduate. They change between faculties, drop courses and decide on different electives. Keeping on top of which students are in each course, how their tuition is getting paid and their performance in their studies is an administratively daunting task. Therefore having reporting capabilities that schedule your reports to automatically forward to the relevant parties can be a big help. 

Business Intelligence Infographic Review: Collegestats


This week on the business intelligence infographic review we are going to take a look at a graphic from that deals with the implications of data mining and analytics for education. We have dealt with the topic of business intelligence for higher level education in particular previously on this blog and on the potential for automation in the education industry

Business Intelligence Report Scheduling and Automation for Higher Level Education

higher education

The higher education sector is one which is heavily reliant on the performance of its administration functions. These sprawling institutions employ thousands of people and provide education to tens of thousands of students. Frequently the sector can be the single largest employer in a city or state: Massachusetts has 121 institutions of higher education and The University of British Columbia is the largest employer in the province. 

Business Intelligence in Higher Education

Higher Education BI

Higher Education Institutions are continuing to grow in scale, educating tens of thousands of students with highly individualised needs and employing a wide range of staff, from tutors, professors and deans, to administration and high-tech maintenance. They are also providing wider product offerings than ever before, often in varied locations and through new media. As this complexity grows, so does the need of the Institution to provide accurate and timely information to its stakeholders to ensure a smoothly running operation. 

Free Report for Higher Education Administrators

Higher Education Business Intelligence

We now have available for free download a new Industry Report for Higher Education.  It covers some of the core ways that an IT Administrator at Higher Education institutions can leverage Report Scheduling and Business Process Automation to achieve business results specific to the mission of institutions of higher learning.  

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