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How To Automatically Send Student Reports to University Staff

University Reporting

University staff, both on the admin side and faculty members, need to keep up to date with information about their students. Typical universities have student bodies running into the tens of thousands of students, spread out over multiple faculties and geographic locations. New students enter the fray every year as others graduate. They change between faculties, drop courses and decide on different electives. Keeping on top of which students are in each course, how their tuition is getting paid and their performance in their studies is an administratively daunting task. Therefore having reporting capabilities that schedule your reports to automatically forward to the relevant parties can be a big help. 

Business Intelligence Report Scheduling and Automation for Higher Level Education

higher education

The higher education sector is one which is heavily reliant on the performance of its administration functions. These sprawling institutions employ thousands of people and provide education to tens of thousands of students. Frequently the sector can be the single largest employer in a city or state: Massachusetts has 121 institutions of higher education and The University of British Columbia is the largest employer in the province. 

Unautomation Man Takes On Higher Education

higher education process automation software

When Unautomation Man heard that his arch-nemesis, Pas (short for Process Automation Software), was trying to make its way into Higher Education institutions, he flew in to save the day.  He wasn’t about to allow Pas to come in and disrupt the long and proud tradition of manual reporting.  If Pas were to prevail, he reasoned, students would be kept informed of all the things they needed to know and wouldn’t need to take responsibility for finding that information on their own. He knew it would be a challenge to manage all the reporting, but he vowed to work tirelessly to keep the art of manual reporting alive, even if he had to cut corners to achieve his goal.

Trends in Higher Education - Review

Trends In Higher Education

Grant Thorton, a leading Canadian accounting and business advisory firm, released a report in December of 2011 outlining the changing realities facing higher education institutions. The report, entitled “Top 10 Imperatives Facing Higher Education Institutions in 2012”, provided a list of the ten most important emerging trends that higher education institutions need to address in 2012 and subsequent years.

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