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IntelliFront BI™: The Future of Business Intelligence Part 2 of 2

In response to the market challenges and principles described, we're very pleased to announce our next-generation Business Intelligence Solution, IntelliFront BI™ (Intelligence Frontier). It represents a major leap forward in capability, ease-of-use, and cost efficiency for enterprises that have invested (or will invest) in an SQL Server® or Crystal Reports portfolio ®. It will, in effect, supercharge Microsoft®'s and SAP ®'s offerings and deliver unprecedented value for streamlining the borderless enterprise.
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IntelliFront BI™: The Future of Business Intelligence Part 1 of 2

Profound changes in the Business Intelligence industry and in the marketplace compelled us to take a hard look at how we should evolve to continue delivering superior value to our customers. This was our commitment when we started the company nearly fifteen years ago, and it remains a bedrock principle for us today. We recently decided that it's a good time to share our thinking publicly. In this two part blog I will discuss the following topics:
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3 Reasons Business Intelligence In Healthcare Is Critical

When you think of the healthcare industry, you probably go straight to the “care” part. Doctor visits, hospital stays, and the like are probably what comes to mind. In order to keep the “care” part working, the business side of things needs to be running smoothly, too. I will discuss a few reasons Business Intelligence in Healthcare is critical to success.

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