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5 New SQL Server Features That Increase Operational Efficiency

If you keep up with the latest in technological advances, you have probably already heard about Microsoft's announcement to create SQL Server for Linux. Sure, this is a huge announcement, but now what? We're going to go through some of the top features of SQL Server and see how you can use them to increase operational efficiency.

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A Quick History Of Business Reporting Software Part 1 of 2

From Crystal Reports to Spreadsheets, it may seem like reporting software has always been around. But that is not the case. Today I will take a look at the early history of reporting software and in the next blog I take it further to the present day.

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SQL Server For Linux? Here's Why This Is Huge!

Perhaps the world stopped spinning for a brief moment when Microsoft suddenly announced that it was developing a version of SQL Server for Linux. It might seem like any other piece of news, but this is big stuff. Here're a few reasons why SQL Server on Linux is huge.

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Sports & Big Data: 3 Ways They Go Hand-In-Hand

Big data is popping up everywhere. Every industry is starting to discover its usefulness, and it is improving business right and left. It's easy to imagine a place for big data analytics in the medical industry, or in the world of sales, but can big data be relevant in sports, too?

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3 Payoffs CIOs Should Expect From Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is any CIO’s best friend. You need information if you want to make decisions for today’s fast-changing marketplace.  BI gives you the right tools for acquiring and interpreting large amounts of data. That's a necessity for any company aiming to become a key player in the industry. To illustrate how BI augments the fundamental Chief Information Officer responsibilities (planning, analyzing and implementing), I will discuss 3 payoffs CIOs should expect from Business Intelligence.

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