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Why Your Future Is Secure With a Business Intelligence Degree

Business Intelligence (BI) is a field that will continue to advance as it responds to the needs of industries. Earning one of the many degrees offered in the BI field is a great means to a successful career relevant to today’s growing need for skilled IT professionals and business analysts.

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6 Ways Big Data Makes Better Decisions than Assumptions

Prior to analyzing big data, it is important to determine how the application of digital information works with your marketing strategies, and how it delivers value to your enterprise. The fact is there are several ways big data helps your business make concrete decisions, rather than just assumptions about your business and goals. We address six of these methods in this post.

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Will Big Data Help In The Fight Against Terror?

Stopping cases of terrorism completely is an important issue facing our world today. Just in the past few years, a number of extremist groups, such as ISIS have grown and moved across the Middle East, spreading a message of unrest and violence everywhere they go. The acts that are seen on the news are disturbing and shocking and many countries are now taking action to stop these terrorists before they continue to spread. Is Big Data the answer?

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Joe Biden Thinks Big Data Can Help Cure Cancer. Could He Be Right?

When you think about cancer research, chances are big data isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, Vice President Joe Biden may be on to something. He believes that big data may play an instrumental role in finding a cure for cancer and is ready to spread the word about it.

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How To Get Your CIO And CMO On The Same Page Using Business Intelligence

Just a few years ago, the question of whether or not the CIO and CMO roles would merge, would have resulted in total madness. These two roles have always been separate with no vision for combining in the near future. The CMO is an essential part of a corporation’s leadership team, his or her role is to drive performance while changing the organization’s course, with the CIO often excluded from a seat at the table. Tools for collaboration have not been on either department’s radar.

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CIOs: What Can Business Intelligence Solutions Do For You?

As the CIO of a company or organization, it falls on you to find ways to improve your overall bottom line and to make the organization more efficient. With the help of Business Intelligence (BI) Software, this is easier than ever before. In this section, we will discuss some of the ways that business intelligence solutions can make the job of the CIO.

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Need A BI Solution? Top 3 Strategies to Get Your CFO On Board. Part 2 of 2

For individuals who need immediate access to information, our solution offers an easy to use portal that allows users to log in, create and run reports themselves from their laptop, tablet or phone. Depending on your organizational needs, our solution can be used as your complete BI infrastructure or as a complement to your existing investments in hardware, software, email and other applications. We're experts in helping organizations automate BI processes so that meaningful information can be delivered at the precise moment it's needed.

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How Can BI Solutions Help with Reports Distribution?

Reports are a fact of business. They will always exist in the business world because of top executives, and users, depend on them for the information they need. The way they exist and how they are distributed has changed drastically. A Business Intelligence (BI) reports distribution strategy for employees, partners, and customers is a crucial step in keeping your business ahead of your competitors. Let’s look at some of the ways BI Solutions help with report distribution.

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Solving Cash Flow Crisis With Business Intelligence Software

Access to credit is an issue that's been hampering small businesses since the recession began. A Gallup Organization survey conducted on behalf of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) in 2010 found that despite small business owners paying their credit requests for fear of being rejected, one in three were still denied credit or only given a portion of what they asked for. The most common reason cited for rejection? Cash flow.

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