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Why Decision Makers Need Self-Service Software To Be Successful

The Self-service software is an innovative solution to the growing snarls of outdated processes and their associated delays in modern business. Chief among these is the burden of report generation on the IT department, and the regular wait before decision makers have actionable information in hand. With all the data available in today’s business world, it’s more important than ever to put decision makers in direct contact with the business’s vital information.

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Do You Need Self-Service Or Automated Reporting To Be Successful?

If you’re thinking about installing or upgrading a reporting system, you’ll find yourself facing a choice. Many systems require you to decide between self-service and automated reporting features. Each has distinct advantages and drawbacks.

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Why Business Automation Software Is A Step In The Right Direction

Business automation software is a highly sought after technology aimed at streamlining the processes in an organization. It employs the use of various software solutions with the aim at creating a seamless mode of integration between various departments. Business automation software not only makes your business efficient but also results in tremendous cost cutting.

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How To Stay A Step Ahead With Data Interaction

Although the internet has given people all over the world access to incredible amounts of information, it has also created a data vacuum. It’s all too easy to lie on the internet, and people commonly remind each other that they can’t trust everything they read online. While there are endless articles, blogs, and reports available, few organizations make their data public. Data interaction allows customers to view data directly rather than the boiled down summaries provided through reports.

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How To Redeem Your IT Department From The Report Farm

IT departments can handle business analytics and reports, or they can serve their intended purpose. Not only do these tasks inhibit your IT department from meeting its full potential, but there are better, more efficient ways to transform data into information.

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What Are The Benefits Of Big Data Governance?

Data governance is all about veracity. Businesses and customers alike depend on the truth of the data business gather and use for daily operations. Until very recently, all data went through the same governance standards. Before big data altered standards of speed and volume, this approach worked perfectly well. Big data changed that and many businesses all but abandoned data governance in favor of speed. This created painful, costly consequences for a number of major companies, driving home the necessity of big data governance.

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How To Streamline A Borderless Enterprise With IntelliFront BI

The borderless enterprise promises not only faster services today but rapid growth and adaptability for tomorrow. Of course, IT without borders comes with many new challenges. For instance, handling many data from many different sources is chief among them. This new burden threatens to limit the advantages businesses derive from the speed and agility of borderless enterprise. 

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How People Make Business Intelligence Possible

It’s easy to believe the world of computers is a cold and lifeless void. Futuristic films always emphasize the role of machines in daily life and the absence of human contact. This is especially true of the data-saturated world of business intelligence. The truth, however, is that people touch every part of business intelligence, from data collection to actual software implementation in your own business.

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