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Top 3 Business Intelligence Technology Developments for 2018

BI has long been one of the fastest growing technologies in today’s business world, and it continues to build on those business intelligence technology developments today. 2018 may see a turning point in the industry as developers move on from technology designed to harness big data, and move on to new applications, types of data, and analytic methods. Some of the most popular functions of BI continue to advance, but surprising new features are on the horizon.

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The Importance of Business Intelligence in the Restaurant Industry

Business Intelligence in the restaurant industry seems like an extravagant piece of software for an industry with employees who rarely use computers. However, business intelligence impacts more than customer service centers and robotics plants. Even if you run a small restaurant, the right business intelligence software helps save you a surprising amount of funds. More importantly, BI for restaurants can help your business grow. Whether you want to analyze customer sentiment and product performance, reduce waste behind the scenes, or simply improve your ability to catch opportunities as they arise, BI drastically improves your results.

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The Top 4 Challenges You Face When Implementing A New Business Intelligence Solution

When implementing a startup Business Intelligence system, you must think about a few possible challenges. There are tons of them that already face you as a business owner. However, you also have to think about the challenges you face with your implementation of the intelligent solution. The main concerns are quite basic, but they still can be the deciding factor between a solution right now or later. Here are some of the biggest challenges you face with your business intelligence research solution.

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What are Intuitive Business Intelligence Dashboards?

 With the boom of the business intelligence industry in tandem with the rise of big data, catchy terms and keywords are everywhere. Without previous knowledge, most are indecipherable. Understanding exactly what a BI dashboard is and how it has revolutionized the industry is tricky enough. Figuring out what developers mean by terms like ‘intuitive’ is even more confusing. Despite the word’s implications, even the best BI dashboards cannot generate decisions based on what they believe to be true. It’s actually the users who use their instincts to master intuitive business intelligence dashboards.

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Top 3 Ways to Make Your Big Data Investment Pay Off

Big Data Investment is a necessary cost for most businesses that wish to remain competitive in today’s market. Although BI is supposed to help your business operate more efficiently and profitably, it’s hard to see how you’ll make the invest pay off in the short term. The good news is that many of BI’s long-term benefits are also short term benefits.

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The Best Reasons to Design a Valuable Hospital Data Management System

Today’s hospitals are high tech information centers. Every scan, note, prescription, and check-in generate important data. Unfortunately, there is so much data available that hospital staff struggle to simply manage it. Utilizing that data to improve services is impossible without a sound hospital data management system. Big data is already changing medicine, and hospitals have the raw materials needed to take advantage of new developments. All they lack are the tools. The right hospital data management system can change everything, and it can open the door to a more productive world of hospitals and BI.

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Top 4 Things to Look for When Buying Enterprise BI Software

Businesses purchase dozens of software products each year, but it is a major undertaking when deciding to purchase enterprise software. Enterprise business intelligence software will usually compose a significant part of a project. This project will impact the way the business functions, increase revenue or increase efficiency. Since a lot is at stake, CIOs, IT Directors, and Project Managers have to ensure this system is the best fit. Today I will discuss 4 things IT professionals, and business managers should look for in Enterprise BI Software.

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How To Cut Cost By Using Logistics KPIs in Warehousing

If your company deals in physical goods you most likely have a logistics department. Your logistics sector could use a buff to its productivity and efficiency. Any increase in efficiency of this department results in a direct improvement in your profit margin. Having logistics KPIs is one of the best ways to track performance in this sector. Both your transport section and warehousing operation could use KPI monitoring to improve performance. You should take the time to define the right KPIs for a far more robust operation. Here are some of the best logistics KPIs to monitor, regardless of your company’s niche.

How To Make Your Sales Team Successful With KPI Dashboards

If your company depends on revenue from sales of products, it stands to reason that KPIs matter. It is only logical to have quotas to fulfill in terms of sales, after all. Off the top of your head, try to list out the KPIs for sales that you would define for your reps. Most owners and managers would respond with the income each representative brings into your firm. This is obviously one of the metrics you have to measure, but it isn’t the only one. Oh no, in order to optimize your sales processes, you have to define KPIs for a number of other processes too. By sticking to just one KPI, you’re almost certainly dooming your company to failure. Here are some other KPI trackers your teams must measure in the sales department. 

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Why Business Intelligence In The Healthcare Industry Is Needed

The hospital system and healthcare industry are one of the fastest-growing in the entire country. In fact, healthcare spending all over the world is increasing. More governments are allocating large portions of their budget to it. Because of the sheer volume of expenses in this industry every single day, big data analytics and business intelligence are incredibly useful. Many hospitals, both private and state-owned, are implementing BI tools into their operations. The industry gains many benefits, including more effective management of healthcare spending and more. The applications are unlimited, as are the benefits. Here is a quick look at the perks of why Business Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry is needed and the applications of such a system today.

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