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Automate, Schedule & Deploy SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions

Hundreds of companies of varying verticals and sizes rely on SQL Server’s reporting system. Known as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), it is used to design and generate reports on a scheduled or adhoc basis. SSRS has a basic scheduler designed for simple automated report distribution, but what if your business requires complex event driven and data driven subscriptions? What if you not only needed to automate SQL reports, but you require tasks to be automated such as database updates or system alerts? In this blog, I will discuss how SSRS automated report generation, Data Driven Subscriptions, and business process automation using SQL-RD can solve this problem. 

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SSRS Bursting: How to Email SSRS Reports Using the Bursting Method

Do you need to break up your SSRS Reports and send them to unique email addresses? Whether invoices need to be sent customers, or sales reports need to be delivered to your sales team, there a couple of ways you can use SSRS bursting to distribute reports by email. Though there are several SSRS Report bursting methods, three are most widely used. The three most widely used are the PDF tool, the SSRS Data Driven bursting method, and the use of an external tool to automatically burst your SSRS reports. 

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Top 5 Ways Business Intelligence Is Beneficial To IT Managers

Are you an IT Manager who works too many late nights constantly struggling to meet the demands of end-users?  Are you and your team trying to figure out how to deliver new and better ways to deliver reports across all formats?  If so, here are the top five ways Business Intelligence (BI) can help you:

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How Amusement Parks Benefit from Big Data

All over the world, amusement parks have deployed innovative technologies to capture insights about visitors.  This enables them to understand behavioral trends and provide an atmosphere that improves operational efficiency and drives sales. Let's take a look at how amusement parks benefit from big data.

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Outstanding Ways Business Intelligence Shapes The Students Of The Future

Typically, one does not associate business intelligence with students.  That, however, is changing.  From elementary school to college, business intelligence is helping students in different ways.  Whether identifying at-risk students or preparing college students for the future, no one can deny that business intelligence is becoming more and more an integral part of the education system. 

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Why You Need a Crystal Reports Server Replacement

Do you need a Crystal Reports server replacement? The signs may be hiding in small inefficiencies across your business. Whether you have noticeable losses or merely lost opportunities, the right Crystal Reports solution can help.

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Learn The 3 Ways Business Intelligence Can Help IT Analysts

In today's world, information technology (IT) analysts are of significant importance. They keep a business running smoothly and provide every department with the data needed to fuel each of their tasks, but when IT analysts struggle to complete their reports or keep software up and running, the rest of the organization crumbles. Who is there to support the IT analysts? That's where ChristianSteven Software and Business Intelligence comes in. Can help IT analysts?

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The Benefits of BI in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has moved into the data-driven world, and while there is more to be done, huge advancements have been made technologically. BI in the healthcare industry is no longer something to be considered, it is a requirement.

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The Difference the Right Crystal Reports Server Can Make

Changing your Crystal Reports server offers a surprising range of benefits. One change creates opportunities to save time, build a broader use of users, and generally boost BI results. All it takes is the right choice for your Crystal Reports server.

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What To Look For In An SSRS Replacement

Are you ready for an SSRS replacement? You have plenty of options, but keep in mind that not all products provide the same benefits or results. Since any business intelligence solution is ultimately about results, it’s essential to review a potential replacement for your SSRS with the same scrutiny you used to choose your primary BI software. The two most critical elements you should look for are automation and access.

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Top 25 KPI's You Can Dashboard To Help Run Your Business

It's never been more important to measure and guide the progress of your business using KPI's or Key Performance Indicators. The glut of data out there can lead to analysis paralysis without an appropriate framework of KPI's to guide you. At the same time, KPI's should be there to guide your progress of setting up systems and processes that will create a long-term business competitive advantage, rather than be the end in itself.

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Learn How to Automate a Report in Access for Long-Term Savings

Learning how to automate a report in Access is a long-term investment with many short-term benefits. These begin almost immediately after your first use of the system and continue until you change to a new product. Access report automation programs like MARS make these savings possible through streamlined workflow, IT liberation, and improved BI habits.
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The Top 5 Benefits Of Business Intelligence For Hospitals

Business intelligence has been used in the healthcare industry for a while. Unfortunately, it isn’t nearly as popular as it should be, though. If your hospital hasn’t begun using hospital BI solutions to work around some of the common data management problems, now is the time to make that change. If you want to know more about the benefits of implementing a business intelligence solution, this article is for you. Let’s look at some of the reasons why your hospital should be incorporating business intelligence into all sectors and departments today.

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3 Trends In Business Intelligence For 2018

Business Intelligence is an incredibly valuable tool for business. Not only is it growing at a rapid rate, but the technology that can collect and analyze data is rapidly changing as well. Here are a few of the trends we are expecting to see in 2018.

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How To Trigger Threshold Alerts with SSRS

Microsoft's SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) does a fine job of publishing reports and making them available on a timed schedule or on-demand. But, in recent years, are you finding that managers and customers are become more specific about when they want to receive their reports? Are they asking for reports to be triggered, not at a set time or day, but when a business event occurs?  If so, let us tell you more about threshold alerts.

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Business Intelligence Reporting Software For Success In The New Year

Business intelligence reporting software could transform your business this year. New software can help you save more time and money, use your existing BI solutions more efficiently, and even get an edge on the competition. It’s rare that less work results in more significant benefits, but changes to BI reporting software make that possible.

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Do You Know How To Schedule SSRS Conditional Subscriptions?

We have published a number of guides for scheduling SSRS reports to email, or data driving SSRS reports. Today let’s review how to schedule SSRS conditional subscriptions. Using  Event Based Schedules in SQL-RD, you can build complex workflows that can trigger RS reports based on events or conditions, for example database record has changed; email has been received; file has been updated, etc. You can monitor for these conditions at certain intervals, or in real-time. If these conditions are met, then it will run specified reports and even BPM tasks. Using SQL-RD to schedule SSRS conditional subscriptions is actually quite easy. The real challenge is working through exactly how to structure the schedule and the tasks.

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Top Three Ways to Get More Out Of Business Intelligence Tools

Business intelligence tools are transforming the market. However, not all users get as much as they should out of these programs. We’ve reviewed the top three ways to boost BI performance. Some may require a secondary investment, but at least one is entirely free.

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How Pharmaceutical Companies Are Using Business Intelligence

To stay viable and competitive, pharmaceutical companies are using business intelligence to keep up with a constantly changing industry.  Not only do these companies face the challenge of developing new drugs, they also try to lead the market with the drugs they currently manufacture.  Additionally, pharmaceutical companies are facing growing competition from the generic market.  This forces them to develop generic drugs to compete with the brand names. Using business intelligence helps pharmaceutical companies develop intelligent solutions to the innumerable challenges of the industry.

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How to Change the Role of Decision Makers in Business Intelligence Reporting Software

Business intelligence reporting tools have more potential than you may realize. They do more than merely support existing BI habits and structures. With a little reorganization, they can change the role of decision makers forever.

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How To Get Extra Umph Out Of Your SSRS Reports

Are you using SQL-RD to schedule SQL reports? If so you are already pretty familiar with SQL-RD’s powerful schedule functions such as the Event Driven scheduler or the Data Driven Subscription scheduler. These functions are powerful tools that enable you to dynamically send a report to various users, perform various business process management tasks, and much more. However, there are a number of tools in the SQL-RD toolbox that can make the scheduling experience even better. 

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Using BI Analytics for Marketing in the Retail Industry

Using BI analytics for marketing in the retail industry is the key to revealing relevant insights, increasing profitability, and improving brand awareness. The right BI analytics can help uncover new markets, identify areas for future development, track the responses to marketing strategies, and much more. 

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Crystal Reports Automation: How To Update Details For Multiple Reports

What happens when your database logins change for your reports? In many cases, database logins can change due to a change in responsibly, or it is mandated that credentials must change every 90 days. Though an important practice to maintain security, it can be a pain for those relying on Crystal Reports automation. If you have hundreds of Crystal Reports automation schedules, how on earth can you update all of these subscriptions with the latest credentials? If you are using CRD, it's easy! Take a look at this brief guide on updating database details for multiple reports:

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How To Find Your Ideal Business Intelligence Tool

Do you need a new business intelligence tool? How do you know you’re choosing the best product? Although there are plenty of BI products on the market, the best suited for you and your business will conform to your needs through multiple useful features.

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How to Speed Things Up with an Auto Email Access Report Tool

An auto email Access report tool saves more time than any other BI solution. If you struggle to find time to actually use the insights provided by programs like MS Access, you may need a new solution. Supplementary programs like MARS can return hours of lost labor and streamline future BI practices with a set of common sense features for busy users.

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Top 4 Ways Business Intelligence Solutions Help Fight Crime

Any law enforcement officer will tell you the most valuable weapon in fighting crime is information.  Incorporating business intelligence into law enforcement departments can get the police the information they need to effectively combat, and possibly prevent crimes. Let’s look at some of the ways law enforcement departments are using business intelligence solutions.

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3 Industries That Use Business Intelligence To Support Decision Making

Data visualization tools give companies a way to stay competitive in their market verticles. How does business intelligence support decision making using data visualization? I will take a brief look at how major companies in three industries are using business intelligence to increase efficiency and profits through timely and informed decision making.

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