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The Advantages Of Power BI Email Scheduling to Share Dashboards

Microsoft Power BI can transform your company’s data into actionable information, but you still have to find a way to share that information with the decision-makers in your company. One of the best ways to accomplish this task is through Power BI email scheduling.

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Do You Use A Dynamic Tool to Schedule Crystal Reports?

Do you use a dynamic tool to schedule Crystal reports?  Crystal reports is an application that is used to process and produce reports from a wide range of data sources. With Crystal Reports Distribution software or CRD, the running and generation of crystal reports becomes less complicated and consumes less time. Thus, allowing  your company to save time and money.

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3 Impressive Ways Power BI Automation Increases Your Efficiency

If you want to increase efficiency in your organization, then it’s time you considered Power BI automation. Microsoft Power BI is a service which can be used to build dashboards and data analytics reports using data from different sources within your company. Moreover, Power BI can improve processes and increase efficiency, especially when your data is in different locations.

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Why You Should be Taking Advantage of Power BI Email Subscriptions

Learn how to stay current and stay updated by utilizing Power BI email subscriptions. This Business Intelligence feature allows you to easily distribute your BI solutions to large numbers of business users, enabling them to make informed, data-driven decisions. Your end users can subscribe themselves to email reports based on their individual needs. Your end users will then be notified of changes to their critical data, right as it happens, enhancing the impact of your Power BI solutions.

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Amazing Ways KPIs Improve The Retail Industry

The retail industry is one of the most competitive with crucial focal points being increasing sales, maintaining customers, and gaining new ones. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can help a retailer determine which metrics to use to keep their business on top. When regularly monitored, KPIs provide insight into important areas of a retail business. 

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The Top 4 Ways To Make Automating SSRS Reports Easy

Report publishing can often be a chore for SQL server administrators. Users constantly requesting reports or the unending duty of managing report subscriptions. There is a way to end this suffering. No, we are not talking about a career change. The only way to release this burden is automating SQL reports! When using a third party program, it can actually be easy, and if you are nerdy enough, fun! Using an external tool such as SQL There are a few ways to automate your SSRS reports. 

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How to Publish Outside of SSRS

Continuing our series on PBRS and ways “out of system workflows” maximize SSRS’ capabilities, let’s explore exactly how PBRS can publish SQL Server reports. In the past, we have looked at why an administrator would want to schedule SSRS reports outside of SQL Server. Reasons ranged from increased flexibility, more export options, and report output security. In this article, we will run through setting up two of PBRS’s most basic scheduling functions: the Single Report Schedule and the Packaged Report Schedule. Though this article isn’t meant to be a fully fledged tutorial, it will give administrators feel for how PBRS can be used to publish SQL Server reports.

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Top 10 Benefits of Business Intelligence Solutions

With technology advancing like it is, more and more companies are finding the benefits and advantages of incorporating a business intelligence system in their program. For those not familiar, business intelligence consists of software and other tools that take complex business data and condense it into high-level reports. What can these reports be used for? A number of things. From increasing employee productivity to eliminating waste in the business place, business intelligence goes a lot further than just delivering reports.

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How To Batch Crystal Reports For Delivery

Distributing one Crystal Report to a person or group of people can be easily managed by most Crystal Reports Scheduler software, but what happens when a group of reports need to be delivered? Do the recipients get 10 different emails containing reports? Does the user need to get several different variants of the same report? How can a reporting administrator make delivering and viewing reports more manageable without re-writing or condensing Crystal Reports?

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Top 4 Reasons BI Software Is Needed In The Restaurant Industry

Operating a restaurant used to be a guessing game based on experience and intuition. A restaurateur would put food on the menu and hope the customers would enjoy it. He or she would schedule staff and hope it was not too many people or, worst case scenario, not enough. The guessing days are over. With increased competition, new restaurants, and rising costs, a restaurant owner or manager cannot afford to be guessing.

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The Guide: How To Choose Your Next Business Intelligence Solution

You have talked about the need for a BI solution, but the cost and complexity of implementation had outweighed the perceived value. Now, it’s difficult to keep up with the data and strategic decisions that will impact your organization's ability to thrive and retain market share. 

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Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse: Which One Do You Need?

With big data, data warehouses, data lakes, and all of the other fairly new technology terms, a lot of people are confused about the differences in some of them.  Today, we are going to talk about the differences in a data lake vs. a data warehouse. Do you know which one you need?

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