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Why is Business Data Visualization So Important

Business Data Visualization had been around in one form or another for a very long time. We’ve graduated from pie charts, however, to the precision and scope afforded by big data. This vast pool of data and the small pools within your business are best understood through data visualization. Data visualization is a key part of business intelligence, and it impacts every part of a company, from the ground up. It can simplify work, improve cognitive retention, boost communication efficiency, and even improve the work of top decision makers.

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How Important Are Business Intelligence Tools?

We are living in a world that is experiencing an ever-increasing flow of data. Raw data is hardly useful unless you apply a layer of intelligence on top of it. Organizations are always trying to acquire customers, compete with their peers and keep their employees satisfied. None of it can be possible without collecting and analyzing relevant data.

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3 Ways Data Mining Gives Your Business The Competitive Edge

At its simplest, data mining is like digging through all the information you have collected about your business in order to put together more useful data. For example, a search of how well a particular product sells in April may help you know how much stock you should keep on hand in April. Knowing how to use your business's data is extremely helpful, and utilizing data mining can give your business the competitive edge.

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How To Use Custom Visuals In Your Power BI Reports

Adding Power BI custom visuals to your reports helps improve the decision-making process. Decision makers in every organization spend a lot of time analyzing business intelligence reports in order to make data-based decisions. The better the reports, the more improved is the decision making and the consequent communication. Power BI tools provide one of the most powerful reporting tools and what makes them even more powerful is the custom visualization package that comes with it.

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4 Innovative Ways to Improve Business Process Workflows with BI Report Automation Software

Most people believe that the time to buy a BI report automation software is when the number of reports becomes too time-consuming for staff to run themselves. In other words, the business has reached their breaking point in terms of how much it costs to pay someone to run the reports versus how much it would cost to buy software to automate the process.

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How To Understand Consumer Behavior Using Business Intelligence

The traditional components of marketing have expanded exponentially, which has led to retailers seeking better tools to help them understand consumer behavior.  In addition to email, customer relationship management (CRM), print advertising, and direct mail, social media, mobile marketing, and e-commerce are also factors that have to be weighed. Let's take a look at how to understand consumer behavior using business intelligence.

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3 Powerful Applications of BI Technology In Healthcare

Business Intelligence, or BI, is great at taking big data and turning it into actionable information. While many industries and businesses utilize BI, the healthcare industry can use BI to monitor trends, thus allowing for more efficient healthcare for all. Let's take a look at three ways business intelligence can do this.

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This Is Why You Should Consider Investing In Business Intelligence

Investing in Business intelligence is a vital part of today’s business world. The advent of e-commerce and big data has made BI essential to daily business functions. In order to grow, businesses need to make BI investing a key priority. It’s easy to understand why BI is important, but it can be difficult to see the best ways to invest in your BI solution. Today, we’ll show you the best ways to invest in BI.

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What is a Power BI Dashboard?

A Power BI dashboard is a digital canvas which uses data visualizations to tell a story. Business analysts across various organizations use a Power BI dashboard to display the most important aspects of business data. Likewise, you can utilize elements of Power BI reports to create these dashboards. Additionally, you can view and share Power BI dashboards on mobile phones; however, you can’t create them on the smartphones.

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Crystal Report Distribution: Be In The Driver's Seat

The word ‘information’ may sound very official and serious, but actually it can have a fun element also! It is true, especially for an employee whose record sales figure reaches the entire organization at the same time. Welcome to the world of Crystal Report Distribution (CRD) where there are no boundaries and every process entails excellence. It has evolved as an effective automation tool which will enable you to develop a seamless organization.

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Top 10 Essential Features Of A BI Dashboard Solution. Part 2 of 2

In the first blog, we discussed the first 5 musts for a modern dashboard development and deployment platform: Interactive visualization in popular browsers, Mobile support, Web-based architecture, Access data in any format, in any location and Rapid development environment. In this blog, we will discuss the final five functions good bi dashboard solutions should possess. 

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All You Need to Know about BI Dashboard Software

Executives at the highest level know the value of a good BI dashboard software program. A business intelligence dashboard is a data visualization tool that is frequently used by organizations to display their important metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). A well-built dashboard can consolidate these metrics on a single screen, making the process of decision-making easier for everyone.

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How a Business Intelligence System Can Help Your Business

Can a business intelligence system really help your business? In a word, yes. Businesses are continuously improving and innovating operations to impact their bottom line. However, an outdated (or missing) business intelligence system is something that can halt any growth and improvement that your business might be working toward.

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Your Can't-Miss Guide to Power BI Desktop

Microsoft Power BI desktop is the new business intelligence tool that’s free to download. If you are looking for a way to gain more insight, then you need this tool to help you make data-based decisions. Power BI desktop simplifies and streamlines what can otherwise be a scattered and disconnected process of designing and creating business intelligence reports.

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Crystal Reports Scheduling Can Deliver In The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations are busy building their EMR systems, upgrading their infrastructure and improving existing processes. A Crystal Reports scheduling software can save time by automatically delivering vital reports such as Operating Room Schedules, distributing immunization reports, Risk Management Summaries, and even medicine inventory reports. If the Crystal Reports scheduling software has an Event Driven scheduling engine, there are even more possibilities.

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What Is Power BI? Your Burning Questions Answered

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics service which provides interactive visualizations, reports, and dashboards. You can use these tools for business analysis within the company. It is a great service which can enhance your data reporting and data-based decision making. Even non-technical business users can use power BI tools and services for analyzing, visualizing and sharing data.

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Top 10 Essential Features Of A BI Dashboard Solution. Part 1 of 2

At first glance, all modern BI dashboard solutions are dazzlers, regardless of the underlying technology and the people who built them. If you explore beyond the facade, significant differences in capabilities emerge. The many deployment platforms in the marketplace of the best dashboard software each have strengths and weakness. Very few are great all-around performers. As well, a rich feature set is not sufficient. If engineers and analysts cannot create or maintain dashboard applications rapidly and efficiently, the platform will deliver inferior business value.

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The Best Methods To Deliver SAP Crystal Reports Via Email

Although there are many ways to deliver Crystal Reports, email is the most common way for SAP Crystal Reports writers to distribute reports to users. The sales team sales or lead reports in their inbox every day at 9AM, or the compliance staff receives their latest audit reports. Even external customers are sent reports via email such as invoices, letters, or purchase orders. In this article we will take a look at ways users can send a Crystal Report email.

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3 Easy Steps To Getting Started With Power BI Reports

Getting started with Power BI reports may seem overwhelming. Thankfully, Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business intelligence utility that most business analysts will find quite efficient to use. Power BI includes both a downloadable desktop program and a cloud service, each of which offers different capabilities. You can analyze your business data and create visuals, reports, and dashboards for sharing with your executives and other decision-makers in the company.

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How Analytics Is Used In Everyday Business

Everyone uses analytics. We may not realize it, but our ability to rapidly search, suggest, and make small predictions in daily business. Analytics are so common, in fact, that we don’t even notice the role data analysis plays in regular operations. This powerful tool goes well beyond social media marketing, and it’s primed to grow even more important in the near future. Learn how analytics is used in everyday business

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Top 8 Factors to Consider for the Right BI Solution Part 4: Scalable & Dependable

This marks Part 4 - the last part - of our series on what factors to consider when purchasing a BI solution. The final two factors any business should consider are a solution's scalability and dependence. With our CSS BI solution, you can eliminate administrative bottlenecks with self-service business intelligence. Sophisticated yet simple, the CSS BI Solution is flexible and scalable, enabling you to connect to multiple data sources across your enterprise and centrally manage all of your report distribution.

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Top 8 Factors to Consider for the Right BI Solution Part 3: Easy & Complementary

Part 3 of our top 8 considerations for choosing a BI solution will answer why your solution should be easy and complementary. For businesses that run best when employees have immediate access to information, a BI solution that is easy to use anywhere, anytime is the best solution. Our CSS BI Solution offers a portal that allows users to log in, create, and run reports themselves from any device. Depending on your organizational needs, our solution can be used as our complete BI infrastructure or as a complement to your existing investments in hardware, software, email, and other applications. We're experts in helping organizations automate BI processes so that meaningful information can be delivered at the precise moment it's needed. Rather than wasting days worth of time and resources exporting BI reports, updating Business Intelligence databases, and executing manual BI processes, let CSS handle the BI grunt work.

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Top 8 Factors to Consider for the Right BI Solution Part 2: Agnostic & Insightful

This marks part 2 of our top 8 factors series. If you are thinking about getting a BI solution for your company, you must consider if the solution is agnostic and insightful. If you are implementing a BI software, which typically takes 60 days or less, ChristianSteven will work with you to easily configure the system to mirror the workflows in your environment. Once operational, the solution can talk to any database or system. In fact, you can have thousands of reports talking to thousands of databases. The CSS BI Solution works behind the scenes to ensure your data is accurate, secure, and delivered on time with the same look and feel, regardless of native application. 

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Top 8 Factors to Consider for the Right BI Solution Part 1: Secure & Pure

If you are tired of running into administrative bottlenecks and inefficient systems, consider using our self-service business intelligence software, CSS BI Solution. Sophisticated yet simple, the CSS BI Solution is flexible and can be scalable to fit your specific business needs. It enables you to connect to multiple data sources across your enterprise and centrally manage all of your report distribution. We've come up with the top 8 factors to consider when choosing a BI solution for your business. These are our first two factors:

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Learn How To Download Crystal Reports Into Excel With Ease

Crystal Reports provide a highly efficient way to organize and analyze your business intelligence data. Not only do they give you the power to pull your desired data from multiple data sources, but they also allow you to present your business data in a repeatable manner. Many companies use crystal reports to keep the decision-makers informed in their organization.

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Brilliant Ways Power BI Data-Driven Alerts Improve Your Business

Power BI data-driven alerts sound like an interesting feature, but how can they really improve your business? Honestly, there is very little this tool does not help. These alerts support the primary aspects of business intelligence by improving information’s value and speed. You’ll spend less time working with the system, and more time focusing on development and implementation. BI increases in value, and you reclaim precious resources. 

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Top 5 Ways To Develop a Successful BI Strategy

Developing a successful BI strategy is the first step in implementing an effective BI platform into your organization.  It is not as easy as simply choosing a BI software program and expecting great results.  On the other hand, with some planning, it is not difficult to find the right BI platform for your organization.

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5 Ways To Use Event Driven Subscriptions With SSRS

I have previously discussed how Data Driven subscriptions in SSRS can be created using PBRS to deliver reports to various users and destinations, even when using SQL Standard Edition. In PBRS, SSRS reports scheduling can also be accomplished based on certain conditions. Once these conditions are met, then the associated SQL report will be triggered based on given parameters, and then delivered to a specified location. One could build an Event Driven system inside of SQL Server, however, PBRS provides the advantage of require little to no coding and shortened setup time. In other words, there is no need for you to provide the logic necessary to drive the report. Moreover, managing the logic and the subscriptions within PBRS is both easier and more efficient. There are a number of conditions that could be created with Event Driven Subscriptions. Let’s look a few that are built into PBRS.

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How to Use Your Business KPIs to Improve Your Profits

Although there are endless uses for business key performance indicators, using KPIs for profit is a popular application. Everything in a business is designed to generate revenue, so it isn’t surprising. Using KPIs for profit, however, requires a multi-pronged approach. To get the most out of your business, you need key performance indicators for your employees, your customers, and your future.

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