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5 Things You Need to Do Now to Keep Your BI Data Intelligent

Nowhere is the “garbage in garbage out” adage more fitting than in business intelligence. If, for example:

  • e-mail addresses are blank or incorrectly entered
  • phone numbers do not include the area code or country code, or
  • states are inconsistently abbreviated (e.g. Wisconsin is abbreviated “WI”, “Wis”, “Wisc”)

Regional BI reports will be incomplete and sales and service teams will be hard-pressed to follow up on new leads and issues. 

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Sending Power BI Reports to SharePoint

Power BI is a data visualization tool which is much simpler to use as compared to other BI tools. You can publish your dashboards and reports online with an easy to use interface that has a lot more flexibility. One of its advantages is that it allows you to send reports to SharePoint. Because SharePoint is a collaborative software, there are multiple advantages to using it. This is especially true when you want to share your reports with multiple users within your organization or even with your customers.

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Sending Power BI Reports To Dropbox

 Power BI is an efficient tool that many people use across organizations for data visualization and analysis. Power BI software tools make it easy for you to publish your dashboards and reports online and add a lot more flexibility in your day-to-day operations. One of the cool features of Power BI tools is that you can send your reports to Dropbox which makes it easy to share with colleagues and customers.

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Catapult Your Business to the Pinnacle of Success with Business Automation Software!

Business is not about how many resources one has, it is about how well one can manage them. In the 21st century, success is guaranteed for every smart step taken. The modern-day corporate players have realized it and have already taken steps in this direction. A fine example of this can be witnessed in the increasing demand for business automation software.

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Auditing & Tracking for Crystal Reports Software: “Be in the Know”

Crystal Report Software is critical to serving, publishing, and scheduling reports.  For smaller firms, only a dozen or two reports need to be published at any given time. In larger firms, thousands of reports could be delivered every day or even every hour. With all of this information rapidly zipping about, how do you keep track of it all? An Excel spreadsheet would be an incorrect answer. Most Crystal Report software should have a built in auditing and tracking system designed to monitor all reporting activities. Knowing the current status of reports (success or failure), who or how those reports were triggered, as well as where those reports were published to are important components of a good auditing system.

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Business Schedulers for SQL Reporting Services: SSRS Report Format, Delivery, and Options

The SSRS report has been written, parameters have been set, and now it’s time to go live with the report. There are still a few lingering questions before users can start happily reading the report. How will they subscribe to the report? What format will the report be? What kind of security needs to exist around the report? These questions can determine what kind of tool to use to schedule your SSRS report.

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How To Automatically Distribute Power BI Reports And Dashboards

Power BI reports and dashboards make up for a very powerful business intelligence toolset. Through these tools, you can visualize your organization’s data holistically and gain valuable insights for the future of your business. Large organizations have multiple departments and various stakeholders that require periodic reports for analysis. Therefore, it is very important to have the right set of tools that empower you to distribute Power BI reports and dashboards automatically.

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