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Print Your Power BI Report or Dashboard

Power BI is the flagship service of Microsoft’s overall business intelligence strategy. It’s a unique product that provides a solid base which you can use to customize reports for your company’s needs. It also facilitates self-service BI needs and can be integrated into a larger enterprise BI solution quite easily.

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Stay Updated with Power BI Email Notifications

Data science is becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital age. Every day there is more consumption of products and more data to process. There are several organizations that are making data-based decisions on a regular basis and are relying on tools to make their job easier. Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI help you monitor your data and get updates on any changes, so you can be well informed and make educated decisions.



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Power BI Gives You Powerful Insight into Your Data

Power BI has become a dominant analytics and reporting tool for most data driven organizations. Traditionally, Microsoft Excel was the default tool that most business analysts relied upon. However, with the powerful features of the aptly named Power BI toolset, the paradigm has changed. There is now more efficiency in data processing with Power BI. You can also get better insight into your data with Power BI features and visualization techniques.


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Sharing Reports Gets Easier with Power BI

 When you are processing a large amount of data for making decisions, you want to rely on the most competent tools. Power BI satisfies all your business intelligence needs and much more. As a business analyst, your life gets easier and more efficient when you are using all the possible features of a Power BI reports. Whether you are generating reports or building dashboards, Power BI can make it happen.


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Sharing Power BI Reports and Dashboards

Embracing Power BI tools for your business intelligence needs is a smart move. Now you need to figure out how to share this important content with your colleagues, stakeholders, and clients. Sharing Power BI reports is also a key component of managing your data and keeping everyone informed. In large corporations, there are various clients of the company’s data, and their daily decisions depend upon how the data is trending.

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Scheduling Power BI Reports Just Got Easier

Power BI reports and dashboards are essential to making your business intelligence workspace richer and more efficient. As a business analyst, you are always looking to make your tools work for you so you can focus on the more important tasks at hand. From managing a large dataset to delivering timely reports to stakeholders, your job as a business analyst is daunting, to say the least. Decisionmakers depend on you to deliver these reports on time and without errors.

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Take Advantage of Power BI Reports Scheduler

 Power BI reporting can enhance your business intelligence workspace and improve your data-based decision-making. Every business analyst is looking to improve their productivity and make reporting more efficient. A Power BI reports scheduler makes your business intelligence reporting more efficient so you can focus on other tasks at hand.

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SSRS Enterprise Scheduling Functionality Comes to SQL Server Standard

Using SQL Server Standard? Tired of seeing everyone else using SQL Server Enterprise scheduling while you languish in a lower edition? Indeed SQL Server Enterprise scheduling brings handy features such as data-driven SSRS report scheduling and business process management that aren’t available in SQL Server Standard. However, there is a way to keep up with these features without upgrading your SQL Server edition. With SQL-RD, you can schedule SSRS reports, SSIS packages, and tackle other business processes such as updating database records.

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Sharing Power BI Dashboards via Email

Power BI dashboards are a powerful mechanism to display important business metrics and keep everyone on the same page. These dashboards are pretty much a necessity for data driven enterprises and make the job of business analysts a lot easier. Not only do these dashboards keep the stakeholders informed of the data changes, but they also help in making informed business decisions.

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The Power of Automated Email in Power BI

Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that helps you analyze data and gather business insights for better decision making. You can create business reports and develop dashboards for improved reporting and analysis, including receiving reports through Power BI automated email. For any data-driven organization, the need to build dashboards and track goals is very important. It is equally important to have the right tools to get the job done.

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