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How to Quickly Increase Efficiency with Scheduled Power BI Emails

When your organization is working with large sets of data, it can be daunting to process all this data and analyze it efficiently. Microsoft Power BI is a powerful Business Intelligence tool that can help you analyze your data and create insightful reports. It can also help you build smart dashboards for your enterprise.

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Why Everyone Should be Using Power BI for Scheduling Reports

Power BI is one of the most efficient Business Intelligence tools that combines insightful analytics with strong data visualization. You can use Power BI to connect with multiple data sources and create custom reports for your business analysis. Microsoft has been enhancing the Power BI toolset to make the jobs of business analysts easier and more efficient.

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4 Reasons IT Administrators Should Use Automated Crystal Reports

When it comes to Crystal Reports scheduling, does the old saying “ignorance is bliss” apply? In many ways yes! Sure the reports administrator may not be ignorant of his reports whereabouts, but he is definitely blissful if he isn’t the one manually triggering the reports himself! So, rather than talking features, let’s look at a four ways a reporting administrator's life is bliss when automated Crystal Reports scheduling is implemented.

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Learn How to Run Crystal Reports from a Command Line

One of the greatest advantages of Crystal Reports today is the ability to automatically create, schedule, and send reports. Business intelligence continues to provide new ways for your business to put their best foot forward. As new products and ideas come to fruition, BI creates a way for businesses to initiate the most effective and time efficient daily operations. But, in some cases, you need to generate your report from the command line based on specific parameters. So, how do you run Crystal Reports from a command line? The first step is to make sure you have everything in place to complete the task.

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Need to Automate Crystal Reports? Here's How.

Modern enterprises must automate their business processes to ensure the timely generation of reports; a key component to devising crucial strategies and making important business decisions. It may not be practical and cost effective to manually generate and send reports every time different departments demand them. Nevertheless, the reports may be crucial and have to be sent. In some cases, corporate reporting staff must work overtime to generate and send reports. This adds to overall operating costs, and forces reporting analysts to divert precious time from writing more effective reports to performing tasks a machine could do. More than ever, analysts have a desire to automate Crystal Reports to save both time and money.

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Crystal Reports Distribution - How To Schedule Crystal Reports

Crystal Report is the application used to process and produce reports from a wide range of data  sources.With Crystal Reports Distribution software or CRD, the running and generation of crystal reports become less complicated and consumes less time. It also gives the option of producing the reports in formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, RTF, Acrobat, RPT or text format.

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2 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Crystal Reports

Today’s businesses run on data. Millions of dollars are spent on Business analytics, web traffic assessment, consumer trends, and even more on keeping that data tracked and organized. In the digital age, businesses should know their metrics, other companies' metrics, consumer metrics, market trends, and be able to analyze it in real time. 

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Maximizing Package Schedules: Scheduling Batch Crystal Reports

Scheduling batch Crystal Reports can often be a pain! In some cases you are forced to create a report subscription for each and every .RPT file. In other cases, attempting to combine the report delivery can cause more work than its worth. CRD’s package schedules enable you to export multiple Crystal Reports to the same user or group of users. Instead of the recipient getting several different emails containing one report, the user will receive one neatly presented email containing all of the reports. The reports can even be combined into a single file to make it that much easier for the user to view.

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Deploy SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions On A Shoestring

Hundreds of companies of varying verticals and sizes rely on SQL Server’s reporting system. Known as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), it is used to design and generate reports on a scheduled or ad hoc basis. SSRS has a basic scheduler designed for simple automated report distribution, but what if your business requires complex event driven and data driven subscriptions? What if you not only needed to automate SQL reports, but you require tasks to be automated such as database updates or system alerts? In this blog, I will discuss how SSRS automated report generation, Data Driven Subscriptions, and business process automation using PBRS (formerly SQL-RD) can solve this problem. Additionally, I will give a little insight into Zintel, a leading provider of communications technology solutions to businesses across New Zealand and Australia, and how PBRS solved this problem for them.

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3 Ways SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions Can Be Customer Driven

Customers want to have it their way in all things, including the way they view relevant information. Users want their reports (invoices, sales slips, system snapshots) to be presented in the format they want, showing only the information relevant to their needs, and delivered to the location of their choice. On demand reporting environments naturally give users this level of customization to their reporting. Can the same “have it your way” mentality be applied to a scheduled report environment? Let’s look at a few ways SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions let customers and users get reports any way they want them.

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Top 3 Benefits of SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions

 Accessing information about how your company is faring through multiple perspectives can be daunting. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) allows your company to view data that improves your Business Intelligence.  Unfortunately, most of the licenses are expensive and narrow in scope. Even worse, they give you an ‘SSRS data driven subscription not available’ notice. Our SSRS Data Driven Subscription software, SQL-RD, allows you to use this feature even on a SQL Server Standard Edition license.

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Sharing a Static View of Your Power BI Reports

Power BI is a popular business intelligence tool which is easy to learn and use for data analysis and visualizations. Anyone can start using Power BI with very little training to create insightful visualizations using different data sources. One of the big advantages of the Power BI toolset is its ability to work with various data sources. Once you get familiar with Power BI and start creating reports and dashboards with your data, your next step is to share Power BI reports it with your clients and customers.

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How to Schedule SSRS Reports for Emailing

The ability to schedule SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports for automatic emailing is essential for your business. With an automated SSRS report scheduler, your reports are always emailed on time. Moreover, you never have to worry about forgetting to send a report. SSRS report schedulers let you customize your automatic report delivery system to fit your businesses unique needs. We’ve put together a 'how-to' schedule SSRS reports for emailing.

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How To Burst Crystal Reports To Excel Tabs based on GH1

On a daily basis, Sally needs to send a report detailing their top grossing customers. This report details order amounts for each firm by month, and exports the report in Excel format. Users have been quite content to look at this report in the past, however, due to the increased order volume, the report has become unwieldy. Writing separate Crystal Reports is too much time and effort. Sally needs a way of breaking up this report so that it's a much easier read for the users. Section group bursting in CRD (Crystal Reports Scheduler) is an easy way to burst Crystal Reports to multiple Excel tabs making it easier for users to view the information they want.

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How to Expertly Automate Your Company Reports Using Power BI

Data is extremely important to your company, whether you’re talking about sales or marketing. Data is utilized in everyday decision making and also by upper management for both company and employee growth. Whether you are asking for more budget or resources, data reports help you justify your requests.

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SQL Server Reporting Services : Benefits of a 3rd Party Scheduler

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports has a scheduling system that can manage and distribute your report subscriptions. Does it do the job? Do SSRS’ internal features satisfy all of the business’ needs? In some cases, firms look to 3rd party solutions to complete their projects. Some solutions enable a greater flexibility in subscription publication, or offer a wider array of scheduling options, while others help manage SSRS Reports. Most importantly, using a 3rd party solution such as PBRS can provide a much higher ROI for initial, ongoing and future costs.

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How to Email Crystal Reports From Multiple Email Accounts

Imagine the following scenario: Your Logistics Department needs all inventory and fulfillment reports sent from their email address. Your Sales Group wants daily sales reports to come from a separate email address. Meanwhile, invoices need to be sent from the Customer Service Teams' own email address. The problem? Your current Crystal Reports distributor only allows for one email account.

Here at ChristianSteven Software, we have your solution. Our Crystal Reports Distributor (or CRD) software allows multiple SMTP accounts to be created and used. This gives the reporting admin the capability to automatically email Crystal Reports from any account at any time.

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Benefits of Automated Report Delivery in SQL Reporting Services

When it comes to gathering data, the process of building the report and sending it out is possibly the most intense. Microsoft created SQL reporting services as a server based report designer, builder, and deployment engine. The service prepares and delivers a variety of both interactive and printed reports. With SQL reporting, accessing and delivering reports is made simple. By automating the service, you only improve its usefulness. 

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Top Advantages Of Power BI Reporting

Power BI reporting is a business intelligence tool that brings your company's data together in one place. Through Power BI tools, you can visualize your data holistically and gain valuable insight. When using Power BI tools, they can assist in providing an abstract layer on top of raw data, so that you can quickly make informed decisions.

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4 Quick and Easy Ways to Schedule and Export Power BI Reports

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence service provided by Microsoft. With all its bells and whistles, Power BI makes the job of a business analyst a whole lot easier. There are many features of Power BI that make it a popular tool to be used by various data-driven organizations. From reports to dashboards to shareable content, Power BI gives you the muscle to make insightful decisions and march towards your financial goals with confidence.

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3 Reasons Out-of-System Workflow Software Is the Best Way to Automate SSRS Reports

SQL Server’s SSRS is a powerful report generation and deployment engine. With all its power, SQL Server Reporting Services has a built-in scheduling and automation tool where administrators can schedule SSRS reports subscriptions. If that is the case, then why on earth would an admin want to rely on an external or dedicated report scheduler? 

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Your Quick Guide to Utilizing Power BI Dashboards

How can a Power BI dashboard help you? A better question is: how can it not help? Dashboard technology is changing how organizations handle business intelligence. Paired with Power BI’s range and detailed options, these are incredibly valuable tools. Not only can they help you save money through improved speed and access, but they may help you get more out of business intelligence than ever before.

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