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Top 4 Ways to Distribute Your Power BI Reports

Microsoft Power BI is an excellent business intelligence tool for business analysts in all data-driven organizations. Whether you are a small scale or medium-sized business, Power BI can serve your data analysis needs at a reasonable cost. Quite often, companies face the challenge of communicating in a timely manner with all key stakeholders. Power BI report distribution mechanisms can help you solve that problem. Power BI provides numerous options for distributing your data reports.

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7 reasons to use SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) to Design, Generate, and Deploy Business Reports

SQL reporting services is a server based report designer, builder, and deployment engine made by Microsoft. This can be used to prepare and deliver various interactive and printed reports. With SQL reporting services combined with SQL Server, firms have a unified solution for both report design and data warehousing. SSRS can help you to create tabular, graphical and free-form reports from relational, multidimensional and XML based data sources. The reports can also be published and accessed on demand. SSRS also has a built in scheduling tool to perform basic report deployments via email, file share, or SharePoint.

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Microsoft Power BI and Its Benefits

If you are a data-driven organization looking for a powerful business intelligence tool, Microsoft Power BI is your answer. Power BI essentially provides an abstract layer on top of your raw data. There are various advantages of Power BI which is why it has become a very popular tool among various organizations. It helps you gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

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