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Share Your Power BI Reports as PDF

Power BI is one of the most influential business intelligence tools offered by Microsoft. It equips you with robust visualization techniques so that you can fulfill all your BI needs. Moreover, Microsoft periodically adds new features to the Power BI toolset to enhance its functionality as technology changes. When you use Power BI techniques, you can slice and dice your company’s data from different sources and analyze it for better decision making.


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How To Be An Analyst with Self-Service Data Analytics Tools

Self-service data analytics tools are helpful for a trained IT professional, but they are also a great asset for someone entirely new to BI. These programs are changing the way businesses handle BI, and are giving businesses of all sizes the power of insight. Business Intelligence analytics aren't just for large corporations with dedicated IT departments anymore. How can you be an analyst with self-service data analytics tools? Find out how by learning more business intelligence analytics. 

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Constructing Your Business Intelligence Reports with Power BI

When constructing your business intelligence portfolio, no tool works better than Power BI. Microsoft is constantly evolving this incredible tool and adding new features to help business analysts do their job more efficiently. Power BI not only integrates with various data sources, but it enables you to generate compelling visuals to analyze your company's data. Data-based decision making and goal setting become easier when you use Power BI.

Topics: Power BI Power BI Reports Scheduler PBRS Power BI Reports Microsoft Power BI