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Can Your Crystal Reports Export to PDF?

Can your crystal reports export to PDF? When Crystal Reports are exported to PDF, there is a common “export failed” error. There are a number of potential causes for this error, and we’ll go into more detail about some of the quickest solutions below. We’ll also reexamine the need for PDF files, just in case you’re tempted to shrug it off for now and find a work around.

Can Your Crystal Reports Export to PDF? | CRD

Can Your Crystal Reports Export to PDF?

The first thing to try is examining the PDF viewer. If it will not pull up or open other PDF files, that’s a clear sign that the problem is in that application, and not in Crystal Reports. Uninstalling and reinstalling is the simplest solution. Should this approach fail, try using higher admin account permissions to run the report again. This may overcome potential security issues. Uninstalling and reinstalling both Adobe and Crystal Reports may help update the programs if you’re still having problems. If none of these solutions work, you should look for a Crystal Reports runtime installer.

Sometimes, none of these solutions work. In these situations, the issue may be due to an application or program outside of either Crystal Reports or Adobe. The problem could be the fault of a Windows update. Unfortunately, this has happened before. If you suspect something like this, it’s best to seek professional advice from PC or Mac experts.

Why Do You Need PDF Files?

When a particular program cannot export to PDF, it isn’t always an immediate problem. If the program is something as often used and widely shared as Crystal Reports, however, that changes. Too many users choose to work around the error we discussed rather than fixing it.

Crystal Reports results may be used in presentations to win sponsors, funding, awards, and more. They’re also commonly used for inter-business communication involving shared projects. This need to share is the primary reason why you must be able to export to PDF. The reasons are purely practical. To begin with, PDF files work for all computers. It doesn’t matter if your office runs PCs and your vendor runs Macs. Everyone can read PDF files.

However, the advantages of PDF files don’t end there. Unlike many other file types, they offer a great deal of interaction. Whatever you need in your PDF file, from images and videos to large charts and hyperlinks, you can add. This, again, makes inter-office communication easier. PDF files are searchable, which is crucial when you’re working with the kind of data provided in Crystal Reports. They’re also password protected, so sensitive business information or consumer data stays secure. The fact that PDF files typically take up less storage space is an extra incentive, especially if you’re dealing with email subscriptions.

There are many helpful websites across the internet, but we’d like to remind users that they shouldn’t trust third party downloads to ever resolve their issues. If you suspect your program may need a patch or debugging, it’s best to work with the developers directly. We all need PDF files, and they make Crystal Reports vastly more accessible.


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