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How to Speed Things Up with an Auto Email Access Report Tool

An auto email Access report tool saves more time than any other BI solution. If you struggle to find time to actually use the insights provided by programs like MS Access, you may need a new solution. Supplementary programs like MARS can return hours of lost labor and streamline future BI practices with a set of common sense features for busy users.How to Speed Things Up with an Auto Email Access Report Tool | MARS

Reducing Delegation

The more hands touch a report, the longer it takes to complete it. In the traditional BI model, the end user must order the report, but they are not free to use products like MS Access themselves. They usually don’t have the training to handle the complicated interfaces, and they may not even have the software on their computers. Instead, the order travels down the chain of command to an IT employee. That IT expert weaves the report order into the rest of their busy schedule. As a result, this either delays the other to-dos on their list or creates an even more considerable delay for the end user. Once it’s ready, the report travels back up the chain of command to end user. Any errors or miscommunications trigger the entire process to begin all over again.

MS Access Reports Scheduling make this process simpler. At the very least, MARS’ scheduling tools allow harried IT workers to remove repetitive labor from their schedules. Once someone prepares the scheduled order the first time, users never need to submit it again. Better yet, MARS can cut out delegation entirely. The system is vastly easier for new users due to its intuitive design. End users need very little training. That training time removes the slow delegation process.

Saving Time through Automation

MS Access automation does far more than just cut out the middleman. It also empowers end users to conserve more time for advanced BI practices, including analysis and implementation. When programs eat up too many hours with busy work and repetitive labor, the steal much of the final report’s potential. By choosing to auto email Access report copies, you can revolutionize your BI habits.

Programs like MARS go far beyond basic scheduling, too. If you want to make decisions based on information as it develops, you need event-triggered reports. These reports automatically generate and then email themselves whenever an event changes a particular data set. As a result, you spend even less time defining and creating reports in exchange for yet fresher information. It’s the best of both worlds. Moreover, you save more time and possess more precise data to use in planning and decision making. Programs like MARS don’t just simplify the BI process. MARS can effectively revolutionize the role of key decision makers in any industry.

Stop losing time with unnecessary complex BI models. MS Access has far more to offer than most users realize. Reclaiming a few hours a week may not seem like much, but that is critical development time, and effective BI strategies require more attention than the traditional model allows. Speed things up and get ahead of the competition through auto emailing and scheduling.

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