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3 Powerful Applications of BI Technology In Healthcare

Business Intelligence, or BI, is great at taking big data and turning it into actionable information. While many industries and businesses utilize BI, the healthcare industry can use BI to monitor trends, thus allowing for more efficient healthcare for all. Let's take a look at three ways business intelligence can do this.

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Top 8 Factors to Consider for the Right BI Solution Part 3: Easy & Complementary

Part 3 of our top 8 considerations for choosing a BI solution will answer why your solution should be easy and complementary. For businesses that run best when employees have immediate access to information, a BI solution that is easy to use anywhere, anytime is the best solution. Our CSS BI Solution offers a portal that allows users to log in, create, and run reports themselves from any device. Depending on your organizational needs, our solution can be used as our complete BI infrastructure or as a complement to your existing investments in hardware, software, email, and other applications. We're experts in helping organizations automate BI processes so that meaningful information can be delivered at the precise moment it's needed. Rather than wasting days worth of time and resources exporting BI reports, updating Business Intelligence databases, and executing manual BI processes, let CSS handle the BI grunt work.

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Five Business Intelligence Statistics You Should Know About

If you work in a professional office, or own your own business, chances are, you have seen the amount of paperwork and data created by your company. You may already know that your business needs to consider business intelligence, but here are five Business Intelligence statistics you should know about as well.

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How Can A Business Intelligence Solution Increase Your Sales?

In the modern era, many organizations are discovering the advantages that a high-quality business intelligence software has to offer. One field that is really benefiting from business intelligence is sales. When your sales force has all your company's raw data analyzed and organized, they will be able to make better sales decisions, more accurate forecasts, and find the most valuable prospects. That translates into an improvement in your sales department. Here are a few ways that business intelligence can help increase your company's sales.

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