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A New Way To Think About Your Channel Partners

As you are a channel partner manager, you know that proper navigation through your channels is key. For the sake of this article, let's pretend that the Channel Partner Manager is the Captain of a cruise ship.

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How To Make Your Reseller Partner Better In The Coming Year With 4 Steps

The new year is here and opportunities abound! I'm guessing you already did your planning for your reseller partner program to make this your best year ever. What does your plan look like? More importantly, what are you going to do differently?

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Create A Win-Win Solution For You And Your Channel Partnerships

The channel partner manager world is full of endless opportunities and possibilities. There are so many prospective partners out there, but where the heck do you start your search for the good fits?

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Great, You're A Reseller Partner! Now What?

It's a typical rainy day in the UK as I am writing this. It's been a terrific experience working with our reseller partner here. We are wrapping up our third day in the UK office. Now, it's real. Traveling across the pond had taken months of preparation. With proper preparation comes in-depth communication. What do I want to accomplish? What does my partner want to accomplish? What do the next steps look like? What does the future hold?

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Channel Sales Manager: Are you up for the challenge?

Your software is the best stuff on Earth right? It can achieve world peace, feed the hungry, and make every day Christmas day. Why wouldn't your prospective partners jump at the opportunity to take your solutions to market? Well, first prepare yourself for a lot of "no, thank you's" and disqualifications. There are plenty of reasons. When you are trying to create partnerships, nothing happens, or happens quickly....and it's best that way.

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