How do I set up a Fax Destination in CRD?

Automatically FAX your Crystal reports.

Fax - Destination

  • In the Schedule Wizard, go to Destinations.
crd destinations
  • Click Add and select Fax.
crd destination options


Crystal Reports: Fax Destination in CRD.
  • Destination Name: Give the destination a name.
  • Fax No: Click to select a FAX number from the address book, or type one in the space provided.
  • Cover Page: Enter details as required.
In order to send a FAX, CRD requires a V90 Voice Fax Modem installed.
  • You can use Insert Menu in the fax destination as well. It can be used to customize the cover page for each recipient in Data-driven Schedule. Time, date, and user constants can be inserted as well.