How do I install and configure the default MARS Database Installation?

The first time you open MARS, you will need to configure the MARS database. This article describes the default database installation process.

Default MARS Database Installation

  • Open MARS.
open pbrs-3
  • You should now see a Database Configuration Wizard pop up. Click Next.
Image 10-4
  • Select Install and configure a new database installation and click on the Next.
Image 11-4
  • The database will now be created. This process can take up 20 minutes.
Image 12-4
If the configuration fails, MARS will offer to install a local Access database. MARS will operate in this instance. However, advanced users will likely prefer to run MARS using the SQL Server install. If the configuration fails and you would like to use the SQL Server install, verify that you have met all the MARS prerequisites.
Image 13-6
  • Click Finish to complete the database configuration.
Image 14-4
  • The MARS installation and database configuration is now complete.