How do I customize the name or extension of the output file in MARS?

In MARS, you can customize the name of the output file in the "Naming" tab of the "Destinations" section of the report schedule.


The Naming tab is selected as part of the Destinations setup for each destination type. The tab below can be found in the Destinations section of a schedule.
MS Access. Naming tab in Destination setup for each destination type in MARS.
  • This is the option where you named the output file.
  • Default Naming Convention: MARS will name the output file in the following format: reportname.format extension, e.g. Catalog Report.pdf.
  • Customize the output file name: Choose your own filename or right-click and use the Insert Function to insert a value.
  • Customize output extension: Choose your own extension. This is useful for system integration. For example, the default extension for a character separated file is "CSV," but you can give your export an extension of "txt" so that the file can be read by another already existing system you may have. You may also right-click and use the Insert Function to insert a value.
  • Append date/time: This is useful for the following reasons:
    • If the filename is the same each time, and it is being exported to the same folder each time, then it will be overwritten by the latest one each time. By appending date and time to the filename, each file remains unique, and no files are overwritten.
    • You can track which reports ran and when they ran by looking at what the report is named.