How do I restore a backup in MARS?

Need to restore your MARS system and files to a previous backup? This is how to do it.

System - Restore

  • Go to System.
MS Access: MARS Home Menu.
  • Select Restore.
MS Access: MARS System Menu.

This option will restore your MARS system and files to a previous backup. Simply select the folder where the previous backup is stored.

When the system is restored, anything that happened after the backup was created will be wiped out.
  • Browse for the folder where the restore can be found.
MS Access: Browser for Restore folder in MARS.
  • MARS will load the Backup and restore the system settings.
MS Access: Continue to restore pop-up in MARS.

MS Access: Restore will complete pop-up in MARS.
  • After the restore, all of your schedules and cached reports will appear.
If you have changed certain defaults and system paths, please make sure you're point MARS to these paths.