How do I use Smart Folders in MARS?

Smart folders are an easy way to group existing schedules together without re-organizing your original folder structure.

Smart Folders

  • Go to Smart Folder.
MS Access: MARS Home Menu.

MS Access: Smart Folder Wizards in MARS.

General Wizard

  • Name: Type in a name for the Smart Folder.
  • Description(optional): Type in a description to help you identify what this Smart Folder is set up for.

Definition Wizard

MS Access: Smart Folder Wizards in MARS.
  • Set up any other conditions required and click Finish.
  • All schedules which fulfill these conditions will be shown in the folder.

Smart Folder Context Menu

MS Access: Smart Folder Context Menu in MARS.
  • Right-Click on a schedule to see the following actions:
    • Properties: Edit the schedule from here. Or you can just double click on the schedule.
    • View as Report: To view the contents of a smart folder as a report.
    • Rename: Rename the folder.
    • Delete: Selecting this option will delete the folder.
    • Refresh: This will refresh the schedules in the folder.
    • Disable: It will disable all the schedules in the folder.
    • Enable: It will enable all the schedules in the folder.
    • Execute: This button will execute all schedules immediately.