How do I install and configure the default SQL-RD Database Installation?

The first time you open SQL-RD, you will need to configure the SQL-RD database. This article describes the default database installation process.

Default SQL-RD Database Installation

  • Open SQL-RD
SSRS. SQL-RD in your server.
  • You should now see a Database Configuration Wizard pop up. Click Next.
SQL-RD Database Configuration Wizard.
  • Select Install and configure a new database installation and click on the Next.
SQL-RD Database Configuration Wizard
  • The database will now be created. This process can take up 20 minutes.
SQL-RD Database Configuration Wizard
If the configuration fails, SQL-RD will offer to install a local Access database. SQL-RD will operate in this instance. However, advanced users will likely prefer to run SQL-RD using the SQL Server install. If the configuration fails and you would like to use the SQL Server install, verify that you have met all the SQL-RD prerequisites.
  • If successful, pop-up will appear: Operation completed successfully. Click OK.
SQL-RD Database Configuration Wizard
  • Click Finish to complete the database configuration.
SQL-RD Database Configuration Wizard

The SQL-RD installation and database configuration is now complete.