How do I add DropBox account in SQL-RD?

This is how you would associate your SSRS account(s) with SQL-RD. Associating your SSRS account gives SQL-RD access to reports you wish to schedule. SQL-RD will use stored credentials to access and export reports.

Dropbox Accounts

  • Go to Options.
SSRS Reports: SQL-RD Home Menu.
  • Select Cloud Storage.
SSRS Reports: Cloud Section in Options in SQL-RD.
  • Or go to View.
  • Select Integrations.
SSRS Report: Home Screen in SQL-RD.
  • Select Dropbox Accounts.
SSRS Reports: Integration Library in SQL-RD

SSRS Reports: Dropbpx Account in Library Integrations in SQL-RD.
  • Click Add.
  • You will see a pop-up advising you that you will now be redirected to to grant access to SQL-RD. Click OK.
SSRS. SQL-RD: Your browser will now take you to
  • On the browser window that opens, sign-in to your Dropbox account.
SSRS. Dropbox Browser in SQL-RD
  • Navigate back to SQL-RD. You should now see your Dropbox account listed under the Account Name/Account Type section.
  • The Dropbox account is now added to SQL-RD.