As a result of the Ukraine - Russia conflict that is continuing to unfold, the EU, the USA, and other countries have imposed new sanctions against the Russian state, Russian companies, and Russian individuals.

Many of our customers are therefore conducting a review of their suppliers to identify whether any of them have links to the Russian government, companies, and/or any of the individuals identified as subject to sanctions.

To help our customers and our suppliers accurately complete this assessment of ChristianSteven Software, we confirm the following:

  • NO co-owner, subsidiary, joint venture, or any other companies in which the company owns equity or debt interest has been named a sanctions target.
  • NO partner, supplier, customer, or other contractual counterparty including financial institutions has been named a sanctions target.
  • NO director, officer, employee, or known shareholder has been named a sanctions target.

Additionally, ChristianSteven confirms that at no time in its history has it had any direct links or indirect links with Russia.

In its entire 20-year history ChristianSteven has not knowingly

  • Used suppliers, components, materials, or services provided by Russian companies, individuals, or the Russian Government in the provision of its software and services to its clients.
  • Supplied its software and services to any Russian government agency or Russian registered private company.
ChristianSteven Software is a private company (LLC) registered in North Carolina and wholly-owned by individuals who are citizens of the United States of America. Investors & creditors, including financial institutions, are all American. While ChristianSteven has customers and suppliers spanning 47 countries, Russia and Ukraine are not among the list of countries served. ChristianSteven conducts all its business from its headquarters located in Charlotte, NC, USA.
March 9, 2022