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Run Reports On Database Snapshots Rather Than On The Database 



Simple and intuitive drag and drop analytics creator


  • Connect to your data sources through intuitive interfaces
  • Query the data and write reports and dashboards that update themselves based on schedules
  • Simple enough that anyone can use it yet powerful enough to satisfy the discerning SQL specialist
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Create the database you run queries against


  • No need to tax your production database - instead query a snapshot created through the IntelliFront BI report writing interface
  • Keep your data secure through fine-grained access controls without sacrificing reporting flexibility
  • Access the data reporting power you are used to through desktop and make it available to your users and report audience through a secure cloud that you own and control
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Set the creativity of your report writers free without losing security or database performance


  • Fully-functional report, query and widget builder that lets you build the reports you want instead of boxing you into a vendor’s preconceived notions
  • Data security through ChristianSteven Software, a name trusted for report and BI automation for many years and thousands of clients around the world
  • Secure cloud BI tool that you control and that creates snapshots of the data to query against instead of taxing your production systems
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There’s never been a better time to get SaaS Query & Report Writing Software that doesn’t tax your database.

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