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The Best Solution for SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions Email System Problems

There’s nothing quite like an automated email report that refuses to email itself. On a bad day, it may feel like your BI solutions are working against you, and nothing drives that feeling home like an SSRS data driven subscription email hiccup. We’ve examined the simplest solutions, the reasons you should stick with the program in spite of its shortcomings, and longer-reaching answers to “data driven subscriptions cannot be created.”The Best Solution for SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions Email System Problems

Common Problems

Anyone familiar with SSRS dreads seeing “data driven subscriptions cannot be created.” There could be any number of reasons for this script, and they range from a forgotten field to serious software complications. Naturally, there are plenty of problems that sit in between these two extremes. We’ve dissected one of the most common here.

A custom data source could confuse the system, especially if you’re running Windows Integrated Security. The problem ties back to credentials. It’s better to store the credentials securely in the report server rather than supplying them when you run the report. You can find the options to change where and how credentials are stored under Data Sources in the Properties tab. This should fix the problem. It does open a few security concerns for some users. These can be combated by focusing your security concerns on the data sources rather than the system using them. You can also use regular security measures like dedicating a specific account for SSRS data driven subscription email activities.

The Benefits of SSRS Data Driven Subscription Email

Despite the frustrations, don’t give up on these critical SSRS functions. The “data driven subscriptions cannot be created” barrier may be annoying, but it isn’t invincible. In return for your efforts, SSRS data driven subscription email systems transforms day to day business intelligence work. You no longer need to babysit BI programs and jump through hoops to send out emails in various formats.

Obviously, the program’s greatest weakness is that it is relatively new and it’s pretty easy to hit an error. That weakness is also one of the system’s advantages, though. Businesses using this software enjoy significant advantages over the competition, and those advantages will continue to grow as the software improves.

Solutions to the Problem

You no longer have to wait for the software to improve. Business Intelligence services and supporting software have ready-made solutions for essentially any SSRS issue. Simple fixes are the best, but they aren’t always available. Ultimately, the best solutions to the problem are advanced supplementary programs that make your BI software easier to use. These solutions may include dashboards, new forms of visualization, or other accessibility aids. The choice is yours, and the BI market is full of new options to choose from.

It’s a shame that our security measures can cause such major inconveniences. The good news is that there are simple solutions available. If you want to get ahead of today’s frustrations, however, the best way to escape the errors is to invest in tomorrow’s advances. Those solutions may incidentally help you get more out of your SSRS reports than ever before.

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