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How To Use Business Intelligence To Combat Data Breaches

The idea of data breaches is an absolute nightmare when company executives think about it. We have all seen the nightmares of data breaches on the news as major corporations scramble to notify their shoppers that their important information may have been compromised. Not only do data breaches cost companies billions of dollars in lost revenue, they ruin business reputations for years to come.

For years, database protection has been focused on the construction of giant, intrusion-proof walls. Their purpose is to keep hackers from being able to pass through your virtual doors. But, what happens when hackers break down those walls? Thankfully, through the introduction of business intelligence, your business can now benefit from tools that are created to protect the data behind those walls. This added security can be the component that saves your business money and customers. Thankfully, you can now use business intelligence to combat data breaches.

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