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Learn The 3 Ways Business Intelligence Can Help IT Analysts

In today's world, information technology (IT) analysts are of significant importance. They keep a business running smoothly and provide every department with the data needed to fuel each of their tasks, but when IT analysts struggle to complete their reports or keep software up and running, the rest of the organization crumbles. Who is there to support the IT analysts? That's where ChristianSteven Software and Business Intelligence comes in. Can help IT analysts?

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Top 4 Ways Business Intelligence Solutions Help Fight Crime

Any law enforcement officer will tell you the most valuable weapon in fighting crime is information.  Incorporating business intelligence into law enforcement departments can get the police the information they need to effectively combat, and possibly prevent crimes. Let’s look at some of the ways law enforcement departments are using business intelligence solutions.

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3 Ways BI Software Keeps IT on Top Of Their Game!

If you work in a company with an IT department, it's no surprise that IT can slow down your productivity. What if we told you that business intelligence, or BI, can help? Let's take a look at 3 ways BI software keeps IT on top of their game.

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