Where can I download Crystal Runtimes?

This article provides a list of the various Crystal runtimes versions and links to install them

Installing Crystal Runtimes

Crystal Runtimes are components that are necessary for any software which uses or distributes Crystal Reports to function properly. There are various versions of Crystal runtimes, and each version of Crystal Reports has a different associated runtime. Our software, Crystal Reports Distributor (or CRD for short), is one such product which requires that runtimes be installed on the machine where the software resides.

Once you have installed the appropriate runtimes, you will need to launch the Select Crystal Version tool to tell CRD what runtimes it should be using. 

Changing Crystal Runtimes for CRD

  • Go to Windows Start > Programs > ChristianSteven Software > CRD > Select Crystal Version
  • Select the Crystal Report version you wish to use.