How do I change the theme or view style of CRD?

You can select from a number of themes, colors & viewing styles from the Home menu of CRD. You can also perform a system search and refresh the home screen from this ribbon section.

View - Home

Crystal Reports: CRD Home Menu.

In the View section you can see the following options:


    • Go to Style.
    9-18-2019 10-09-53 AM-1
    Crystal Reports: Style in CRD.
    • Switch between list view and tile view for your schedules.
    • Use the sliding bar to adjust the level of detail displayed for each schedule.

    Select Details

    • Go to Select Details.
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    Crystal Reports: Select Details in CRD.
    • Check the properties you would like to see when using Detail view.
    • Use the arrows to determine the order the columns will be shown.


    • Go to Refresh.
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    • Refresh the screen to show the latest schedule information.


    • Go to Theme.
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    • Select the color scheme for CRD. Pick the one that best fits your tastes.


    • Go to Search.
    Crystal Reports: CRD Home Menu.
    Crystal Reports: Search bar in CRD.
    • Use the search to find a specific schedule.
    Tip: Search looks for a schedule in the highlighted folder. To search all schedules, create a Smart Folder that encompasses every schedule, then use search to find the schedule.