How do I create Support Files in CRD?

In order to replicate your system state and analyse technical issues, the help desk may ask you to produce and send Support Files. This is how to do it.

Resources - Support Files

  • Go to Resources and select Support Files.
Support Files - CRD Home Screen
  • Click Support Files to begin the process.
Crystal Reports: Support Files in CRD.
  • When this window appears, select the output location for your support files. By default it will create a .zip file with the following filename: Product_Customer#(i.e. CRD_12345678)

You do not need select the other options listed. However, if there is information you do not wish to share, you want to keep the file size low, or you need to change the file extension for security reasons, you can do so.

  • Click OK
  • Now you can:
    • Send the support files zip via email.
    • Attach it to the support form.
    • Upload it here in response to a request from ChristianSteven.
    • Upload it to a file service e.g, Google Drive, Dropbox etc, and send us the link.