How do I manage the settings in IntelliFront BI?

From here you can manage the settings of Intellifront BI. You can also customize the colors of IntelliFront BI. This is very useful if you want IntelliFront BI to be corporate colors.

Settings - Administration

  • Go to Administration and select Settings.
KPI's and Dashboards: Settings in IntelliFront BI.
  • Or select Settings from the card on the home screen.
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IFBI settings main


  • Use colors to filter your Crystal and SSRS reports.

For Example, Financial reports may be red.

Email Settings

IFBI settings email
  • From the drop down menu select the email account that will be used for sending all system notifications.
  • Once the account has been selected a complete message will be displayed showing that the account has been saved.

Tag Colors

IFBI settings tag
  • This section is to categorize the reports by color in the Gizmo section. You may change the colors here.

Style Editor

IFBI settings style
  • Use the Style editor to change the color of the Highlights, Confirm Buttons, Secondary Buttons and Selection Accents to personalize IntelliFront BI.
For Example:
KPI's and Dashboards: Settings in IntelliFront BI.

Customize Images

KPI's and Dashboards: Settings in IntelliFront BI.
  • Upload your own Company Logos to complete the personalized look of IntelliFront BI.


IFBI settings misc

  • Set an interval time (in seconds) for the KPIs on all canvases to auto-update.