How do I setup DropBox and other Cloud Storage accounts for use with PBRS?

Looking to set up your DropBox accounts for use as Destinations in report schedules? Here's where to do that.

Options - Cloud Storage

  • Go to Options.
pbrs options home
  • Select Cloud Storage.
pbrs options cloud storage

With the Cloud Storage tab, you can export reports to cloud services such as Dropbox. Adding the cloud storage options on this tab will allow you to use them as a destination for reports to export to when you create schedules in PBRS.

You can also manage Integrations Library here.
  • Or select Integrations on the home screen.
pbrs integrations home


  • Select Dropbox Account.

Power BI and SSRS. Cloud Storage section in Options in PBRS

  • Click Add.
  • You will see a pop-up advising you that you will now be redirected to to grant access to PBRS. Click OK.
Power BI and SSRS. Taking to Dropbox pop-up in PBRS
  • On the browser window that opens, sign-in to your Dropbox account.
Power BI and SSRS. Dropbox browser in PBRS
  • Navigate back to PBRS. You should now see your Dropbox account listed under the Account Name/Account Type section.
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