Where do I see Gizmo History in IntelliFront BI?

Need to see the history of multiple schedules in one view? Here's how.

Administration - Gizmo History

  • Go to Administration and select Gizmo History.
1-25-2019 4-16-33 PM

KPI's and Dashboards: Gizmo History in IntelliFront BI.
  • The Gizmo History page displays the status and last execution time of Gizmos executed either by trigger or manually. There are four status:  Success, Failure, Waiting to Run, and Currently Running. Clicking on edit icon will open the Gizmo for editing.
  • From here you can see schedules that ran in. You can click on the run icon to run the schedule manually from here.
  • To see success or failure information click on the green check or the red triangle. The information will appear in the left hand pane