How do I set Power BI Service filters or parameters in PBRS?

Power BI filters are set in the Report Filters Wizard in Power BI Service Reports & Dashboards which appears as a step during the creation of a schedule, or in the properties screen of an existing schedule.

Report Filters Wizard

Power BI and SSRS Reports: Report Filters Wizard in PBRS>
  • In this section, you will determine the filters for your report (if any). If your report has no filters, you may skip this section by clicking next.
  • You can type a value into the field, or drag and drop an "insert".
  • Preview: View the dashboard/report output given the selected filters.
  • Filter Type: You may choose between Basic Filter or Advanced Filter.
  • Filter using this field (Table.column): Choose the table and column you would like to set up the filter.

Filtering With Basic Filter

  • Use basic filtering to add specific values in the report.
  • You can also filter values passed in as pipe-delimited to be converted to multi-values.

Example: value1 | value2

This will only work in Basic Filter type.

  • Show items when the value matches (Basic Filter): Insert the value you would like to add and then click Add.
pbrs basic filter

Filtering with Advanced Filter

  • Use the advanced filter to add values between values ranges. 
  • Show Items when the value (Advanced Filter): In this option, you have the option to show items for a value and select the option from the drop-down menu.
Power BI and SSRS Reports: Report Filters  in PBRS.
pbrs advanced filter
  • You can use the Calendar icon to select the specific date.

This option will be enabled if you selected Date as the Field data type.

pbrs date filter
  • Once you finish, click Save Filter to save the filter.

Filtering with Function (JSON Filter)

Power BI and SSRS Reports: Report Filters  in PBRS.

  • Select the Filter Function option to enter an advanced Filter JSON string so you don't have to manually configure filters in PBRS.
  • Click Build.
  • Enter the Filter JSON string.

Power BI and SSRS Reports: Report Filters  in PBRS.

  • Click OK.

Power BI and SSRS Reports: Report Filters  in PBRS.

  • Click Save Filter