How do I set up a Slack Destination in PBRS?

The Slack Destination allows you to send exports of SSRS & Power BI reports directly to your slack account and deliver to different channels.

Destinations - Slack

In the Schedule Wizard, go to Destinations.

Power BI and SSRS. Destination Wizard in PBRS
  • Click Add and select Slack.
Power BI and SSRS. Adding a destination in Destination Wizard in PBRS.

Power BI and SSRS. Slack Destination Wizard in PBRS.
  • Slack Account: Select the account to export the report.
    • If there's no account added, select Add New Account.
For more information about adding a Slack account, click here.
  • Comment: You can write down a message.
You can use "Inserts" at any time if required. For more information about Inserts, click here.
  • Deliver these Channels: Select the Channels you want to deliver the report. You may choose more than one channel.
For information on format tab, click here.
For information on naming tab, click here.