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3 Options for Deploying a Crystal Reports Scheduler

At some point, Crystal Report administrators must break the chains of manually distributing reports. Liberation does not come easy, however. One cannot simply stop sending the reports; the business wouldn’t be able to function! Thus administrators must find freedom in implementing a crystal report generator that can either automatically generate Crystal Reports for users, or serve as a portal for users to access their reports.

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The Most Important Features of Great Business Intelligence Software

Business intelligence software is on the rise. It is more accessible than ever before, and once big data permeated other business solutions, analytics became a must for even small businesses. So, what should users look for in this new software? We’ve listed the top three features below to help you identify the best primary and secondary BI solutions.

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The Best Benefits Of An Access Scheduled Email Report System

Are you thinking of using an Access scheduled email report system? You may need this tool even more than you realize. As wonderful as MS Access may be, it comes with hidden costs and long-term drains on labor and finances. Scheduling fixes many of these problems while simultaneously improving the value and benefits of MS Access.

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