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ChristianSteven Software Business Intelligence Blog

Business Process Automation And How It Helps Your Company

Do you manage your own business? Take a closer look at some of the daily activities that you or, your employees usually perform to run your business operations. You will find that most of the tasks performed are repetitive, as well as, tedious. Therefore, a proper business process automation procedure is necessary to effectively automate the entire process with near-zero involvement from your end. 

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Top 4 Amazing Ways BI Software Improves The Retail Industry

Owning or managing a retail business, whether large or small, involves many responsibilities such as handling inventory, working with suppliers, and loss prevention policies and procedures.  These duties, as well as others, create a vast amount of information for a business owner or manager. Business Intelligence software puts all of this information right at your fingertips the minute you need it. Let's talk about some of the ways BI Software improves the retail industry.

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The ROI of Business Intelligence Part 2 of 2

Your company probably wants to automate more to do more, grow more and spend less without any of it costing too much. Be clear about the goals of your BI investment, and how progress will be measured. In part 2 of the blog "The ROI of Business Intelligence" I will discuss the BI goals to consider, investment costs not to miss out and where we come in. 

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3 Ways Data Mining Gives Your Business The Competitive Edge

At its simplest, data mining is like digging through all the information you have collected about your business in order to put together more useful data. For example, a search of how well a particular product sells in April may help you know how much stock you should keep on hand in April. Knowing how to use your business's data is extremely helpful, and utilizing data mining can give your business the competitive edge.

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2 Powerful Ways Business Intelligence Turns IT Frowns Upside Down

When most employees think of their company's IT Department, what usually comes to mind? If they're anything like the rest of the corporate world, you might hear things like, “I can't do my job because our IT Department is too slow,” or “I can't get you that report because the IT Department hasn't had a chance to fix my computer.” Now, imagine what your IT Department may be saying. Perhaps it goes something like this: “Our to-do list is as long as The Great Wall of China, and everyone keeps saying how important their issue is,” or “We just wish some of these minor things could be handled by the employees themselves.” Let's take a closer look at how business intelligence, or BI, can turn your IT Departments frowns to smiles.

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