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6 Ways Big Data Makes Better Decisions than Assumptions

Prior to analyzing big data, it is important to determine how the application of digital information works with your marketing strategies, and how it delivers value to your enterprise. The fact is there are several ways big data helps your business make concrete decisions, rather than just assumptions about your business and goals. We address six of these methods in this post.

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Will Big Data Help In The Fight Against Terror?

Stopping cases of terrorism completely is an important issue facing our world today. Just in the past few years, a number of extremist groups, such as ISIS have grown and moved across the Middle East, spreading a message of unrest and violence everywhere they go. The acts that are seen on the news are disturbing and shocking and many countries are now taking action to stop these terrorists before they continue to spread. Is Big Data the answer?

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Business Analytics vs. Business Intelligence: Here's The Difference.

Is there really a difference between Business analytics and business intelligence? The truth is that they have the same goal. Business analytics and business intelligence both exist to increase the efficiency and viability of a business by utilizing data analysis. Most businesses use the terms interchangeably and get along just fine. If you really want to understand where people draw the line, there are two popular opinions.

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Joe Biden Thinks Big Data Can Help Cure Cancer. Could He Be Right?

When you think about cancer research, chances are big data isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, Vice President Joe Biden may be on to something. He believes that big data may play an instrumental role in finding a cure for cancer and is ready to spread the word about it.

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How to Publish SQL Server Reports Outside of SSRS

Continuing our series on SQL-RD and ways “out of system workflows” maximize SSRS’ capabilities, let’s explore exactly how SQL-RD can publish SQL Server reports. In the past, we have looked at why an administrator would want to schedule SSRS reports outside of SQL Server. Reasons ranged from increased flexibility, more export options, and report output security. In this article, we will run through setting up two of SQL-RD’s most basic scheduling functions: the Single Report Schedule and the Packaged Report Schedule. Though this article isn’t meant to be a fully fledged tutorial, it will give administrators feel for how SQL-RD can be used to publish SQL Server reports.

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