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Reasons Why You Should Use Dashboards for KPI Tracking

Key Performance Indicators, also called KPIs, are a means to measure your business performance and track progress towards your goals. KPI tracking can be a great tool in your business intelligence tool-set. You can measure progress through KPI reports or mount them on a dashboard for increased visibility. These metrics are a reflection of your company strategy and help propel it forward.

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8 Amazing Ways State And Local Governments Benefit From Business Intelligence

Business intelligence provides government agencies with many benefits including improved effectiveness, reduced budgets, and operational efficiencies.  Our state and local governments consist of many different agencies.  Let’s look at some of the benefits business intelligence provides.

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How To Generate An SSRS Report As A Password Protected PDF

Though SSRS already has built-in functions that allow you to schedule and run a SSRS report to PDF, there are plenty of reasons why you would rather rely on a dedicated scheduler to process reports into PDF files. Advanced report encryption including password protected PDF, PGP, and Zip encryption methods can ensure that reports containing vital data are secure. Adding an expiration date to an SSRS reports limits the reports availability to users even after it has been delivered. PDF permissions ensure the users cannot tamper with the PDF file as well. Let’s dive a bit deeper and find out how to use these features to not only format your report into PDF but keep them secure!

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How To Make Your Marketing Department More Successful Using A KPI Dashboard

If your company doesn’t use marketing dashboards already, it should. A KPI dashboard for marketing is one of the best ways to stay on top of your operations. Dashboards are the backbone of business intelligence processes. Everything happening in your company that is relevant to its marketing goals is displayed here. You can manage all aspects of your business using a dashboard. Here are some of the main reasons why your company needs a marketing dashboard today.

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