Export Power BI to Excel Automatically

  • Schedule and export Power BI reports and visuals as Excel or CSV.
  • Export the summary or underlying data into an Excel spreadsheet with formatting.
  • Add row and column totals to make analysis easier for your recipients.
  • Export Power BI data from multiple visuals as tabs in an Excel workbook.
  • Send one Excel attachment per email, or multiple visuals as Excel attachments in one email.

Find out how the comprehensive functions and features of PBRS can solve your BI delivery showstoppers.

Power BI Reports to Excel & CSV
PBRS for Power BI & SSRS

Export data from Power BI to Excel with PBRS

Add Power BI Visuals
Export Power BI Visuals to Excel
Add multiple Visuals and choose Summary or Underlying Data. Each Visual will be a tab in the workbook.
Excel Export Summary Totals
Row and Column Totals
Set totals for rows or columns. Set a page number for each Visual's data export.
Use Excel Template
Formatting with an Excel Template
Create a standard formatting template and use it to standardize your data outputs.
Excel Export Styling in PBRS
Excel Export Styling
Set up styling in the GUI with a few clicks.
Power BI Excel Export Data Validation
Data Validation
Automatically check the spreadsheet for correct data before delivery.
Password Protect Power BI Excel Export
Password Protection
Secure the workbook before delivery by adding a password. Passwords can be driven by variables or database queries.
Excel Custom Naming
Workbook Custom Naming
Name the workbook using static or dynamic values. Append date to the name. Customize the file's extension too.
File Summary
Custom Metadata
Customize the file summary to make it look more professional.

Export a Power BI Report, Visual, Table or Matrix to Excel & CSV

  • Add multiple visuals to one Excel workbook, each visual or table as a tab in the workbook.
  • Choose to export filtered or unfiltered data (non-hidden data only, of course).
  • Advanced data export options allow you to choose to export "Summarized Data" or "Underlying Data". 
  • Add Row & Column Totals.
  • Customize fonts, colors & other styling.
  • CSV options allow for any delimiter (including comma, space and tab)
Export Power BI-Visuals to Excel & CSV

Dynamic & Data Driven Power BI Report Exports

Bring Dynamic Filters & Data Driven subscriptions to your Power BI reports distribution infrastructure.

  • Use the data in your database to automatically & dynamically populate report filters, destinations, formats, email addresses, body text and much more, mass-generating, exporting and delivering separate Power Bi reports to individual recipients.
  • Data Driven Packages make it easy to dynamically create report packs from multiple reports and send multiple report exports in the same email as a "package".
  • Multiple Power BI data exports can even be automatically merged into one Excel file, each report presented as a tab in the final Excel workbook.
  • Data-drive and automatically set file metadata e.g. Author, Title, Subject, Tags and so on.
  • Your corporate theme & culture are important, and so PBRS supports fully customized and full html email body formatting. The html code can be dynamic and data-driven too, allowing you to use different themes for different clients or departments!
Dynamic Data Driven Power BI Scheduler

Date-Time or Event Triggers? Have Both!

It's easy to schedule Power BI exports to Excel to run at a specific date and time; or to run them hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly; or set up your own custom frequencies e.g. 4-4-5, every other day, third Monday of the month, and so on. And the same report can be scheduled to be run multiple times with different filters, formats, frequencies, and destinations.

Distribute Power BI Reports and respond to your business needs by setting schedules to run based on events and triggers rather than date. For example, when a database record is created, modified or deleted; when data is received on a port; when an unread email exists in a folder in a mailbox; if a file exists; and so on.

The scheduling service runs as a Windows service to enable unattended scheduling. Simply set it & forget it!

PBRS' export process does not use Microsoft's export-to-file API so is not affected by the limitations & constraints of that API.  For example, you can export reports that are more than 50 pages, and you do not need to be on a dedicated capacity Premium license to use PBRS.

PBRS works seamlessly with Power BI Service (Pro & PPU), PBiRS (Power BI Report Server - On Premises), Power BI Premium, and all editions of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

PBRS Triggers
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