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CRD Release 20190109 Now Available

CRD Version 7.8 Build 20190109 has been released. The following enhancements along with software fixes have been included.

How to send a Crystal Report via email in a non-Latin language.

CRD Version 7.8 Build 20190109


  • Ability to send emails with non-Latin language using UTF-8 encoding

Issues Resolved

  • Merging PDF's within packages now run as expected
  • Accessing the email log within the system monitor no longer errors or crashes CRD
  • CRD Agent now works as expected
  • 'Log a Support Call' within CRD now opens to the correct URL
  • Additional performance improvements & minor bug fixes included in this release

Known Issues:

  • Customers on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or a prior Windows Server OS should not update to this version at this time. Should a known issue be resolved that requires you to update, please reach out to support for further assistance. 

Download Latest CRD ReleaseThank you all for your feedback. The next release of CRD is scheduled for February 2019.

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