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CRD Release 20210929 Now Available

CRD Version 7.8 20210929 has been released. The following enhancements along with software fixes have been included.

Amazon S3 DestinationCRD Data Driven Single

CRD Version 7.8 Build 20210929


  • Added the ability to deliver exported crystal reports to Amazon aws S3 bucket without using FTP or SFTP.
  • Added the ability to use inserts in the Mail Server drop down field within messaging for email destination.
  • Schedule History will show which server Reports were ran on.
  • Created a new CRD constant for the server name.

Issues Resolved

  • Data-driver information is being wiped out after updating schedule properties.
  • Azure Storage content-type shows 'application/octect-stream' when ran through the scheduler.

Download Latest CRD ReleaseThank you all for your feedback. The next release of CRD is scheduled for October 2021.

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