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IntelliFront BI Release 2.1.5 Now Available

IntelliFront BI Version 2.1.5 has been released. The following enhancements along with software fixes have been included.

How to share a dashboard


IntelliFront BI Version 2.1.5 Build 20180409


  • Ability to share dashboards via email
  • Ability to export and import dashboards across other IntelliFront BI installations
  • Dashboards now use a data extract method for quicker load time
  • Crystal Reports are now automatically cached to reduce resources
  • Ability to call a stored procedure within the dashboard builder
  • Dashboards are no longer lost when the connected databases' credentials are changed 
  • Custom images are now backed up prior to running an update
  • IntelliFront BI version is now shown at the login screen
  • Trial users can now see how many days are left in their trial at the login screen
  • Other graphical user interface (GUI) updates for better customer experience

Issues Resolved

  • KPI overflow
  • Workflows now run as expected
  • Timer in Scheduler Service now works as expected
  • Dashboards using a custom connection now work as expected
  • Parameters for Microsoft SSRS reports now save as expected
  • Creating a dashboard via a stored procedure now works as expected
  • Editing an existing custom connection/query when creating a dashboard no longer errors
  • Creating two dashboards within the same browser session will no longer overwrite one another
  • Additional performance improvements & minor bug fixes
Download Latest IntelliFront BI Release

Thank you all for your feedback. The next release of IntelliFront BI is scheduled for May 2018.

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