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IntelliFront BI For SQL Server Reporting Is Launched

ChristianSteven Software is proud to announce the launch of IntelliFront BI.

IntelliFront BI offers Real-Time BI Dashboards, KPIs, On-Demand Reporting, Data-Driven Subscriptions, Business Process Automation and Report Scheduling on one platform.

IntelliFront BI | SQL Server | BI Dashboards | SQL Server Reporting | KPI

  • The product emphasizes self-help facilities for serving SQL Server reports and dashboards while continuing to support centralized management and control over Business Intelligence assets.
  • Advanced security features and a high availability architecture substantially mitigate corporate risk.
  • IntelliFront BI™ doesn’t replace existing investments. Instead, it amplifies and extends the power of SQL Server reporting at a much lower cost than equivalent Microsoft alternatives.
  • Immediate cost savings and streamlined business processes mean the ROI payback period will be short.

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