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PBRS Release 20190801 Now Available

PBRS Version 3.0 Build 20190801 has been released. The following enhancements along with software fixes have been included.

PBRS Data Driven Multithreaded

PBRS Version 3.0 Build 20190801


  • Multiple instances (data driver rows) of a SSRS report in a Data-Driven schedule can now be executed in parallel.
  • Added the ability to trigger custom tasks and workflows if a schedule or report is unsuccessful.
  • Added the option to overwrite files when exporting to a folder destination.

Issues Resolved

  • When using the custom task 'Build Excel Workbook' the output format result is an xml file not xlsx.
  • "Relative Time" does not work.
  • Cannot use Inserts in Packaged Report Properties for SSRS in Data Driven Packages
  • Creating a new Power BI data-driven schedule just after running an SSRS data driven schedule causes setting filters to fail if the filter value is a data-driven insert.
  • Error when the Data Driver returns no records has been replaced with a clear description"Data Driver returned no records".
  • Error when you try to access Configuration-> Reports-> Event-Based Packages.
  • Error when you click on "Check for Updates"
  • Occasionally, and without logical explanation, a schedule may run more than once at or around the scheduled time.
  • The failure of one instance (data driver record) of a Data Driven schedule will no longer cause the entire schedule to fail.
  • Issue where schedule history sometimes reports success when it should have reported failure.
  • Right clicking on a package and choosing Open (rather than Properties or Execute) makes it unusable.
  • Schedule execution history window should sort times chronologically and not alphabetically.
  • Schedule name should not automatically be changed after selecting a different SSRS report.
  • The status bar should update after error message box is closed.
  • "Merge PDF" custom tasks does not work.
  • Automation Schedules set to run hourly sometimes triggers more than once an hour.
  • Cannot execute a Power BI Data-Driven schedule when PNG is selected as the output format.
  • CurrentScheduleName insert in Packages does not work.
  • Cannot execute SSRS Data Driven Schedule using Google Drive or Google Sheets as a destination.

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Thank you all for your feedback. The next PBRS release is scheduled for September 2019.

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