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PBRS Release 20191008 Now Available

PBRS Version 3.0 Build 20191008 has been released. The following enhancements along with software fixes have been included.

PBRS Data Driven Automation Schedule

PBRS Version 3.0 Build 20191008


  • Added Data Driven Automation Schedules. A Data-Driven Automation Schedule gives you the ability to data-drive variables of your Custom Tasks without the need to schedule a report.
  • Added the ability to Data Drive Number of copies and Page Range for Printer Destination in a Data Driven Schedule.
  • Added a check box option to "overwrite existing file" when the report output is saved to disk in a Data Driven Schedule and Data Driven Packages.
  • Added the ability to use a "user defined constant" to populate the SSRS Service URL.
  • Added the ability to remove the White Space from a Power BI report when exported to PDF format.
  • Added new SSRS Insert options "SSRS output Format", "SSRS Report Execution Time", " SSRS Report Folder'', "SSRS Report Name", and "SSRS Total Pages (PDF)"
  • Added the ability to identify within the History Tab When a report or report instance fails which instance of the report failed and the Parameter values.
  • Added a Date Picker Calendar to Power BI Report Filters.
  • Added Multi-value filters (pipe delimited) for Power BI reports.

Issues Resolved

  • Start Date information missing from Event History in an Event Based Schedule.
  • Adding a Dropbox account in PBRS did not work as expected.
  • Appending Date/ Time stamps did not work as expected.

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Thank you all for your feedback. The next PBRS release is scheduled for November 2019.

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