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PBRS Release 20200122 Now Available

PBRS Version 3.0 Build 20200122 has been released. The following enhancements along with software fixes have been included.

Schedule Power BI Paginated Reports with PBRS

PBRS Version 3.0 Build 20200122


  • Power BI Accounts: Users will only be able to see and view accounts that they have
    created or those which have been explicitly shared with them.
  • Added the ability in the collective properties screen to allow users to change the
    report's username and password.
  • Excel Output now includes decimal places if these are shown in the Power BI Report.
  • Added the ability to share schedules with other users and groups.
  • Added the ability for the schedule owner to receive error alerts.

Issues Resolved

  • When a schedule is copied and pasted a non administrator cannot see the pasted
  • Custom Task- Zip File does not work as expected.
  • Excel Exports missing the last row.
  • MS Excel format options for Worksheet Name and Workbook password for Power BI did
    not work as expected.
  • Power BI Packages Report has a '.' in the Report Name when runs.
  • Refresh Dataset settings in Single and Package Schedule Properties for Power BI
    does not save.
  • In System Monitor schedules do not move to the "Currently Executing" section.
  • Unable to remove a schedule from the "Execution Queue" in System Monitor.
  • A Data Driven schedule with more than 200 rows in the Data Driver with a destination
    of Embedded email fails.
  • When you drag and drop the SSRS URL into the field, it is inserted twice.
  • When you copy and paste a data-driven schedule, the DSN User ID & Password get
    preserved for the data driver, but NOT for SQL Stored Procedure tasks.

Download Latest PBRS Release

Thank you all for your feedback. The next PBRS release is scheduled for March 2020.

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