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PBRS Release 20240417 Now Available

PBRS Version 4.5 Build 20240417 has been released. The following enhancements along with software fixes have been included.

pbrs screenshot april 2024 (1)

PBRS Version 4.5 Build 20240417


  • Now use an API call to create SSRS Single Report Schedules.
  • Email text formatting now supports a higher character limit.

Issues Resolved

  • Color settings for Excel Data Only format are not being saved.
  • The Custom Calendar may not display correctly when handling a large number of dates.
  • Custom Tasks may not always be triggered by the Exception Handling settings.
  • When multiple schedules are saved simultaneously, there is a risk of incorrect settings being applied to the wrong schedule.
  • When embedding a report within a Data-Driven report, the post-production Custom Task may not execute as expected.


  • Microsoft Server 2012 is in "End of Support" state. PBRS is no longer supported on this platform. If your software is still running on Microsoft Server 2012, please obtain a server with a newer operating system. Then, open a ticket for help migrating your software to the new server.

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is in "End of Support" state and needs to be updated. Click to see how you can update your instance of SQL Server for PBRS or open a ticket and we will perform the upgrade for you.

  • SMTP with Office 365 has been deprecated by Microsoft. Click to see how to continue using Office 365 in PBRS. 


Download Latest PBRS Release

Thank you all for your feedback. The next PBRS release is scheduled for May 2024.

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